Food Services for Refugee Relief

The global refugee crisis continues to put millions of people’s livelihoods at risk, and with over 80 million people now affected by displacement and 30 million children suffering as a result of the emergency, refugee relief charities like Food for Life need to double their efforts to continue providing emergency food relief services to those in need.

Refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their homes and native countries as a result of war, terrorist activity, and political and social persecution are living in a state of perpetual insecurity, lacking access to adequate shelter, education, healthcare, and food. 

The global Covid-19 crisis has only exacerbated the situation.

Refugees and asylum seekers are already considered the most marginalized members of society, and as a result of the pandemic hitting lower-income countries the most, each one is now being forced to shoulder the impact of their host country’s economic downturn, overworked healthcare system, and insufficient aid.

With the world at a standstill, refugees need your help now more than ever.

Here’s all you need to know about how to support refugee relief charities like Food for Life as we provide humanitarian aid to displaced children and families. 

How to Help Refugees

If you’re looking for ways to be involved and make a difference in the lives of thousands of refugees experiencing food insecurity, there are many ways to start making your impact.

You can choose to volunteer for Food for Life and support our cause by working on the field, providing nutritious plant-based meals to displaced people and populations affected by natural disasters, or even starting your own Food for Life Program.

You can become an advocate for ending child hunger among displaced people and leverage your knowledge and passion for sustainable aid to make a tangible difference.

You can also choose to donate to our organization to help us expand and continue our emergency food relief program for refugees in EuropeChad, and many more global hotspots where refugee relief is needed the most.

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Refugee Relief Operations by FFL

With twenty-five years of food relief operations behind us and over 7 billion sustainable plant-based meals delivered to refugees and disaster victims around the world, Food for Life has been running emergency support operations throughout the countries where the refugee crisis has been felt the most.

Here are some of our proudest achievements so far:

Syrian Refugee Relief

Food for Life’s European associates have been providing comfort to Syrian refugees in Slovenia, Sweden, France, and many other countries in Europe through serving healthy and nutritious plant-based meals.

With over 100,000 meals served across ten European countries, our refugee relief efforts continue to bring hope to thousands of families as they are welcomed into their new host countries. 

Chad Refugee Relief

As a result of the staggering violence ravaging the Lake Chad region, the lives, safety, and education opportunities of as many as 3.5 million displaced children are at risk.

Many displaced families in the region are fully dependent on humanitarian aid, with more than half of the 650,000 people displaced being women and young girls. Food for Life has been operating from bordering Nigeria and working among these affected families, providing healthy food aid through an incredible small team.

Haiti Refugee Relief

Following the disastrous Haiti earthquake of 2010, our team of incredible volunteers was one of the first relief agents on the scene, offering comforting and hot vegan meals to the families affected by the loss of their homes and livelihood.

To this day, we continue to feed Haitian children healthy plant-based lunches every day thanks to the support of our donors and affiliates.

Elderly Women Get Food Relief

Where to Donate for Refugee Relief

As the global refugee crisis continues to affect millions around the world, we are committed to helping those who wish to make a difference by making donating to our emergency food relief mission as accessible as it can be.

That’s why we are embracing the power of cryptocurrency to make our operations even more cost-effective and efficient, accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations from donors who wish to make their contribution effective, sustainable, and transparent.

At the same time, we also accept standard donations in the form of single contributionsmonthly membership contributions, and lifetime contributions.

Thanks to the support of our donors, we are able to continue our emergency food relief operations around the world, setting up more local teams to tackle the food insecurity of displaced children and their families.

As the most cost-efficient food relief charity in the world, we are committed to building a future free of child hunger by providing meals that are sustainably inexpensive to make, naturally nutritious, and kind to the planet and the animals.

If you believe in our mission and want to learn more about how you can help us support refugees around the world, you can get in touch with our team with your questions, make a pledge, or learn more about our previous and current initiatives.

You Can Help!
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