Food for Life Global – Americas Inc.

3911 Concord Pike #8030
Wilmington, DE 19803
EIN: 36-4887167
D-U-N-S Number is 117831921

Humanitarno društvo FFL Global –Europe

Usnjarska cesta 9,
1241 Kamnik,
Registration number 4077911000 (matična številka)
TAX ID Nr. 28209397 (davčna številka).


USA: +1 202 407-9090
EUROPE: + 386 70 333 108
AUSTRALIA: +61 2 8006 1081
SOUTH AMERICA: +57 320 485 5971

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Donate For Children

In India, Nepal, South Africa, Haiti and all over the world, children are struggling to get the nutrition they need to grow and become healthy adults. Food for Life Global's affiliates gives special preference to
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Donate For Animals

Donate to support Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (JAS) in the Andes mountains of Colombia, where animals are rescued and provided the best care and medical attention. JAS is the first animal sanctuary founded in South
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The following information should give you some ideas on ways you could get involved in helping Food for Life Global working from the comforts of your home or office. For those who would like to get directly involved
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