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We receive numerous emails every day from people all over the world wishing to volunteer their time or specific skills in furthering the mission of Food for Life Global.

Because the Food for Life Global offices has limited space, most of our volunteers work from their homes. Food for Life Global is the headquarters for all the Food for Life projects around the world, so we do not operate an actual feeding program, but rather support the hundreds of FFL Projects around the world, including many in the US. We do however get directly involved in disaster relief operations by recruiting volunteers and coordinating relief efforts.


Have Fun &
Gain Credibility

Volunteering for any non-profit can be extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. Not only will you get to work with people of like-mind and on issues that you feel passionate about, but you will also gain credibility in the eyes of your peers and your employer.

What makes Food for Life Global stand out from the crowd is our deep commitment to improving the quality of life of the people we serve. Our philosophy of spiritual equality and respect for all life runs deeply throughout our organization, from the high quality of meals we serve to the practical knowledge we share with our clients to better their lives.

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Latest Opportunities at

Communications Volunteer

Virtual Opportunity

The Communications Volunteer will search local websites, news and resources, as well as social media channels, to update the social action page on our website with the latest news …

Mobile app developer - to use online app tool 22 apps

Virtual Opportunity

We have a pro account with 22apps.com and would like someone experienced in Mobile app development to use that platform to build mobile applications for our charity. …

Professional Photographers Needed

Virtual Opportunity

We need photographers with professional equipment and experience to help document our projects around the world. Food for Life Global has 250 projects in 60 countries and so …

Social Media Advocate

Virtual Opportunity

The Communications Volunteer will search local websites, news and resources, as well as social media channels, to update the social action page on our website with the latest news …

Social Media Influencers needed

Virtual Opportunity

 We have a Facebook page with 30,000 followers and we would like to reach 100,000. We have an Instagram account with 1100 followers and we would like to …


Virtual Opportunity

 Food for Life Global is looking for a TikTok Advocate, if you love the work that we do and want to share it with the world, we welcome to …


Virtual Opportunity

 Food for Life Global is looking for a Twitter Advocate, if you love the work that we do and want to share it with the world, we welcome to …

Volunteer with photography experience

Virtual Opportunity

 We need a person with photography experience to go through our charity photos and organize them by projects.

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Our Mobile App has rolled out for both iOS and Android Platforms. You can find volunteer opportunities and helpful information using the app. Take a look today at how you can help those who need it most!

before getting started

Helpful Information

The following information should give you some ideas on ways you could get involved in helping Food for Life Global working from the comforts of your home or office. For those who would like to get directly involved in feeding the needy or assisting a Food for Life affiliate program somewhere in the world, please let us know where you live and we will be happy to refer you to a Food for Life project needing help in an area nearest you.

Some of the opportunities include gardening, teaching children English, art therapy for orphans, cottage industry training for poor women in India, etc. Food for Life Volunteers can be classified as one of three types, depending on the work they do: direct contact volunteers, technical assistance volunteers, or advocates.

Types of Volunteers

Direct Contact Volunteers

This type of volunteer comes into contact with a client or service recipient:

  • Assist FFL feeding programs by preparing and/or serving meals
  • Assist with emergency relief projects internationally
  • Help build infrastructure for FFL projects
  • Provide medical assistance to FFL clients
  • Educational Services at FFL schools

Technical Assistance Volunteers

Conducting online research
  • Finding information to use in Food for Life’s (FFL) grant proposal or newsletter
  • Grant research
  • Gathering information on a particular government program or legislation that could affect FFL’s clients
  • Gathering website addresses of similarly-focused organizations
  • Using online phone books and websites to update contact information for a database
Providing professional (pro-bono) consulting expertise
  • Answering FFL’s questions regarding human resources, accounting, management or legal issues, writing a speech, developing a strategic plan for a particular department, setting up a video conferencing event
  • Translating a document into another language
  • Providing multimedia expertise, such as preparing a PowerPoint, QuickTime or other computer-based presentations
  • Designing FFL’s newsletter or brochure, or copy editing FFL’s publication or proposal
  • Proofreading drafts of paper and online publications
  • Researching and writing articles for brochures, newsletters, websites
  • Designing or filling other illustration needs
  • Preparing information for FFL’s Website
  • Writing a technology plan, designing a marketing strategy, or directing other types of organizational planning and outreach
  • Making sure FFL’s website is accessible for people with disabilities (508) compliance)
  • Registering FFL’s home page and other appropriate pages with online search engines, directories and “What’s New” sites
  • Adding an agency’s volunteer opportunities into online databases
  • Doing regular searches for news articles relating to an organization or a particular topic
  • Supervise or moderate social network sites that support FFL
  • Train volunteers in a subject via the Internet
Volunteer Coordination
  • Managing other volunteers in the aforementioned activities
  • Providing an online orientation to all volunteers with Internet access (whether or not they are onsite or online volunteers)
  • Surveying volunteers via e-mail about their experiences with an agency or program
  • Keeping track of volunteer hours, and entering volunteer opportunities into FFL’s online Volunteer Matching Database


  • Posting information to appropriate online communities (newsgroups, lists, etc.), preparing legislative alerts to be sent via e-mail, keeping track of legislation that could affect FFL’s clients;
  • Printing FFL marketing materials (posters, flyers, etc.) and distributing to the public;
  • Setting up fundraising events;
  • Representing FFL to green or vegetarian-friendly businesses;
  • Promoting FFL through blogs and appropriate online forums;
  • Representing FFL at green or vegetarian conferences.
You can also visit our advocacy page to download materials

Field Volunteers

Please complete the form below to be considered for FFL emergency relief services, or for general FFL services at one of our projects around the world. We will assess your qualifications and match them to the needs of our affiliates. We may or may not contact you at this time, but your name will be entered into our volunteer database. Thank you for your interest to volunteer

Thank you for your interest

Volunteer Form

Thanks for your involvement in volunteering for our organization. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Equal Opportunity

Food for Life Global is an equal opportunity volunteer organization — we do not discriminate against anyone from participating in our projects on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender or age. Food for Life Global is non-sectarian. Our only stipulation for all our onsite volunteers is that they read and abide by our high standards of food preparation and cooking as described in the FFL Volunteer Handbook.

Start Your Own Food For Life Program

Do you have what it takes to start your own FFLG program?

Food for Life Global is a 100% voluntarily funded organization

Keeping Things Transparent

Food for Life Global is a 100% voluntarily funded organization. For every $1 you give, 70 cents goes directly to programs supporting food relief. Of the remaining funds, 10 cents helps run Food for Life Global, including advocacy, training, education, and 20 cents goes towards raising the next $1 to help us continue our important work.