Giving Tuesday

Food for Life Global's network of over 200 affiliates is the most cost efficient food relief in the world

You can make a difference!

At some point over the last eight months, you’ve likely found yourself sitting despondently on your couch scrolling through headline after headline of what seems like more bad news. 

There were already so many global issues, including hunger, and COVID 19 has made these problems even worse. At least that’s what it can feel like.

The reality is, there’s always hope, and you can help give it.

Join us on December 1st to raise an extra $25,000 to feed an extra 100,000 people on Giving Tuesday.

Just imagine how it will feel to pitch in on December 1 to fill 100,000 extra bellies and create 100,000 peaceful minds, 100,000 open hearts, and 100,000 smiles.

We hope you’ll join us this Giving Tuesday!

Warm Regards,

The Food for Life Global team

#GivingTuesday #100,000smiles

Food for Life is a nonprofit organization that works to provide an invaluable source of food for the hungry all across the planet. Not only does Food for Life serve more meals for less money than any other food relief organization, but they are freshly cooked the same day we serve them and they are 100% vegan!

Our mission at Food for Life Global is to help the ones who can’t help themselves and unite the world through pure food. Our organization goes beyond merely handing out meals – we strive to teach responsible behavior towards our mother earth and her natural resources.

We address the cause of all social and poverty issues by teaching spiritual equality and precept.

Food for Life is a charity organization whose actions speak louder than any words. We have people on the ground in some of the most destitute areas of the planet helping to serve fresh and healthy plant-based meals to those in need.

As the largest food relief organization on the planet, we are fortunate to have the chance to make this difference. But we need your help.

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