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Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global is always striving towards a better future. Enhancing the world for those who need it through the basis of purer food. Through the below Fundaising Programs, Food Yoga International is making an impact for greater change.


Together, we can save children’s lives. For more info on how to successfully run your own fundraiser, please contact us at [email protected].

With your help, we can reach more children in need. 

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John loves running. He also loves running marathons and thrives off challenges. But in 2024 he wants to run for a greater cause and make an impact in an area he is very passionate about. For over four years he has been on his vegan journey, learning about where food comes from, what he eats and the detrimental impact animal agriculture has on a global scale. 

John has set a target to raise $10,000 over the year of 2024, running three tough, grueling marathons and setting a pace to finish each one in under 4 hours! This donation to Food For Life will make a huge impact on communities that are in desperate need of aid.