Food Yoga Music

Food Yoga Music

This CD, produced in 1996, was originally titled, “Prasada Sevaya,” and means serving spiritual food. It contains nine songs, a mixture of dance, rap, and ambient styles and focuses on Food for Life’s mission to distribute karma-free food to the needy of the world.

Every song unveils a particular feature of the work our charity does, starting with the most fundamental truth on Track 1 that spiritual life begins with controlling the tongue. The next song, Track 2 is a modern version of an ancient food offering ritual which can be used by anyone wishing to bless their food. Track 3 highlights the importance of controlling all the senses and how the tongue is the most voracious.

Track 4 is a prayer of gratitude for the blessing of food. Track 5 is a modern version of a classic Bengali song that tells the story of how Krishna would take his lunch with his friends. Track 6, is a light-hearted look at the proper way to greet a guest. Track 7 is the theme song for Food for Life Global. Track 8 is a humble prayer to the inspiration behind the Food for Life project, Swami Prabhupada and finally, Track 9 is taken from the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita on the three types of food people eat and the effect they have on our consciousness.

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Gauri Devi Dasi: Lead & backing vocals.

Michael Mityushin: Guitars, trumpets, keyboard, melodies, arrangements, mixing & mastering.

Priyavrata das (Paul Turner): Lead vocals, lyrics.

Andrew Chapelenko: Keyboards, drums, melodies, arrangements & humor.