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While podcasts are becoming more popular each day, we’re looking forward to using the non-profit podcast as a new medium to reach more people for our cause. Let’s fight together against child hunger and poverty!

Introduction – Building Community

We hope that the charity podcast can bring together a community of people eager to help so that we can raise more donations for children in need. Important issues in charity organizations are brought up by Paul Rodney Turner, the international director of Food for Life and the co-founder of Food for Life Global.  Food For Life Food for Life is a plant-based food relief organization that serves up to 2 million meals daily. We have a mission to provide meals for hungry kids, but we also want to address the root of all social issues by educating people on eco-farming, animal rescue, and protection of the environment.

Non-Profit Podcasts We Are Featured In

Paul Rodney Turney has had the honor of being featured in a podcast and talking about the mission of Food for Life Global. He amplified the message “you are what you eat” and explained why it’s important to promote a plant-based diet.  He talked about why our food programs are centered around feeding kids nutritious plant-based meals. This mission is rooted in the belief that food is a great unifier with the ability to break through barriers. We need to be united if we want to fight world hunger and poverty.  Addressing the cause of hunger is very important. Why does child hunger exist when there’s so much food in the world? What’s the cause of the inequitable distribution of food? We believe the cause lies in the lack of unity among humankind. People don’t see themselves as part of the global family, and that’s exactly what Food for Life Global is trying to change. Two Kids Pure food can bring us closer. We might have philosophical, political, and other differences, but we can all enjoy a vegan pizza or a bowl of vegetables together!  That’s why FFLG isn’t just advocating for ending food insecurity but also about doing it in the right way. We need to fight for animal welfare and our environment at the same time! It’s crucial to teach kids from a young age to cherish animals and take care of nature. We’re preparing our plant-based meals with love. Our cooks and volunteers are including love and positive thoughts as key ingredients for every meal. We’re delivering food that is not contributing to pain and suffering and that will feed starving children. And we’re doing this for as little as $0.25 per meal. If you donate $100, we’ll be able to make and deliver 400 meals with that money alone!

Final Thoughts

Equality of all beings is our imperative. We just need to find a way to reconnect with each other so that we can end inequality. We believe pure food is an important part in that plan! If you want to join our fight, whether by donating monetarily or volunteering your time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can all make the world a better place.