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At Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global, we try to spread the word of supporting those in need through purer food. We've come a long way and gained a tremendous amount of support. Please take a look below to see a few of our amazing Vegan Advocates!

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James Aspey on IGTV

Co-Founder Paul Rodney Turner was recently interviewed by vegan and animal activist, James Aspey. The two talked about Food For Life Global and the future of the company as well as Taco Cat’s recent donation to FFLG which helped feed approximately 10,000 children.

RuPaul and Izzy G talk about Food For Life Global on Jimmy Kimmel Live, August 27th 2021

Actress Izzy G talked to guest host RuPaul last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Izzy G is known for her roles on AJ and the Queen, The Highwaymen, Wings, and her current TV series B Positive. The two talked about veganism, vegan bacon, and her affiliation with Food For Life Global. Check out the full interview down below or by clicking here.

Celebrity Earth Day Videos

Did you know that August 17th is National Nonprofit Day? This day is dedicated to celebrating the amazing work of nonprofit organizations that are giving back, such as Food For Life Global. Food For Life is the world’s largest vegan food relief organization and it continues to make environmental and hunger relief progress each day.

On this day, Paul Turner, co-founder of Food For Life, will be talking with some amazing vegans on his IGTV series OM Time. They will chat about veganism, food relief, and how we can all find ways to give back, volunteer, and help others.

OM Time will feature actor, writer, and producer, Sabrina Gennarino and her daughter Izzy G, actress and activist Alexandra Paul, podcaster and cookbook author Nancy Montuori, journalist, technical writer, and social media specialist, Christopher Sebastian, and many more!

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Sabrina Gennarino and Izzy G

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