We Welcome Advocates!

Food for Life Global welcomes those who would like to become advocates for one or all of FFL’s projects. Advocacy can be as simple as making it a habit to always tell the people you meet about Food for Life. We believe strongly in the power and efficiency of word-of-mouth marketing and prefer it to spending donor funds on paid advertizing. 

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So What is FFL’s Message?

No advocacy campaign can succeed without a powerful, coherent message. A message that is at the same time logically persuasive, morally authoritative, and capable of evoking passion. A thoughtful and succinct message also enables an organization and its constituents to speak with a unified voice about specific social issues.

Key Messages

There are numerous things we’d like people to know about Food for Life. But the most important messages are as follows: Food for Life is the world’s largest vegan food relief with projects in more than 60 countries Food for Life Global affiliates serve up to 2 million free vegan meals daily Food for Life Global affiliates serve over 25 meals every second of the day All Food for Life meals are freshly cooked and highly nutritious Food for Life aims to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure plant-based meals cooked with love Food for Life is uniting the world through pure food with its commitment to spiritual equality and liberal food relief By serving only plant-based meals, Food for Life is practically demonstrating how world hunger can be tackled in the most cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and non-violent manner Food for Life is raising consciousness through its nutritious food relief service and education initiatives Without killing a single animal, Food for Life is serving over 2 million meals daily to the world.

Advocacy Resources

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