FFL Advocacy

You can be an activist in small ways that have a big impact​.

Resources and community that will help you take small steps to help fight world hunger.






Hunger is a big problem, and you don't know how to help.​

Frankly, it's hard to get started when you are so overwhelmed. Join our advocacy community to get easy-to-use resources and the confidence you need to take a stand against world hunger.

Why get engaged in our advocacy community?


It's simple.​

Our easy-to-use and easy-to-share resources  from our resources library make advocating to end world hunger in small and simple ways a breeze.

It's social.​

Looking for your people? Join our crew of thoroughly optimistic individuals working in small and simple ways to end world hunger online and on-the-ground.

It's satisfying.​

You can feel confident that your small actions make a really big difference.

Activism doesn't have to be marching on the streets.​

(Although we don't think that hurts.)

Get Informed

Read up on World Hunger, why plant based meals are the solution, and how you can help change people's lives around the world.

Join the conversation

Come join the conversation on our social media accounts to learn and share your thoughts on fighting world hunger.

Share information​

Take a stand on world hunger. Pass along information that will help raise awareness (and funds!) to end world hunger.

Three small steps to make a big impact on world hunger​


1. Commit to ending world hunger​

Make the decision to be a part of a community that believes every small action can make a big impact on world hunger


2. Sign the pledge​

Sign the pledge and commit to three small actions a month to get all the benefits of the advocacy group.


3. Take your first small step to end hunger​

Hop over to our blog, social media, or resource library to share information there and take one small step to ending world hunger.

What can you expect as a Food for Life Advocate?

  • Exclusive access to a Telegram group of committed advocates to end hunger
  • Access to a resource library to make sharing high-quality content easy
  • An exclusive discount code for the Food for Life charity shop
  • Certifiable hours of volunteerism to help boost your experience and your resume