Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global is an international non-profit charitable organization that provides plant-based foods in over 60 countries around the world, for mal-nourished people; people in disaster areas; wherever there is a need, they provide it. Food Yoga International was started, founded in 1974, so they are 40 years old. So I want to say, Happy birthday, congratulations. It’s great to see so much veggie food helping people out around the world, bringing people together in this fantastic way. Thank you, Food Yoga International for doing this. Thank you for all of you who work for Food Yoga International. We thank you. You do a great job. Happy birthday to you. Keep it going for another 40 years, 50, 60, keep it going. We love you.
Sir Paul McCartney
“We don’t have education about how to eat. We are eating too much meat and people are getting sick with the time. We have to show to the people what they need to eat. The doors are open for Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global. We are going to work together to get better food for our kids into the schools.”
Jose "Pepe" Mujica
President of Uruguay
Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global is the real Reconstruction and Development Programe. The understanding that if I have a plate of food, let me share it with my neighbour . . . let those who are feeling sad come together with us, and together we can share this burden. This understanding should be taken from Food Yoga International and transmitted to the entire country.
Thabo Mbeki
Deputy President of South Africa
Every day in India, FFL Annamrita provides food to over one million children, healthy food and the message of love and compassion which is inherent in India culture.
Sri Pranab Mukherjee
President of India
The commitment of Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global goes beyond the need for the basic necessities of life; it is a commitment to improve the quality of life.
Bob Carr
Australian Parliament
“Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global is the world’s largest vegan food relief organization. They have programs in 60 countries. They serve over 2 million free vegan meals a day. Now, you know that I have been plant-based since 1988, so I can tell you that that is delicious.”
Bellamy Young
I am very impressed by what your organization is doing to alleviate hunger, provide disaster relief, and provide education through plant-based foods. Your free distribution of pure food all over the world can only have wonderful benefits for everyone.
Tulsi Gabbard
Presidential Candidate
Another important building block for new democracy is the love and goodwill we show to each other. That is the spirit of Masakhane, of bringing one another together. It is also the spirit of today’s festival organized by Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global.
Nelson Mandela
President of South Africa
…here they [Food for Life] have a reputation like the one Mother Teresa has in Calcutta: it is not hard finding someone to swear they are saints.
Michael Specter
(Grozny Journal), The New York Times
I am sure that in every city where there is a Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global program, the people would be very grateful for the help they give—feeding hundreds and hundreds of people, that would otherwise cost the city a great deal. And all the support, friendship, and counseling—it’s hard to put a value on something like that.
Hayley Mills
British Actor
“The Food for Life cooks have established themselves as the chief emergency feeding program in war-torn Chechnya.”
Moscow Tribune
“By serving only plant-based foods and meals, Food Yoga International, formerly Food for Life Global is actually demonstrating how world hunger can be tackled and combated in the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way.”
Mýa Marie Harrison
Singer - Songwriter
“It’s a phenomenal program; they do so much for the world without killing a single animal. Each meal is prepared fresh, it’s clean, and it’s nutritious for everyone that they serve.”
Anthony Alabi
American actor and former American football offensive tackle