Everything You Need to Know About FFLG and Charity

We’ve answered some of the burning questions that you might have about veganism and charities here.

What is a nonprofit charity organization?

A nonprofit charity organization is an organization dedicated to a particular social cause. This type of an organization uses its revenue to fund its objective, rather than distributing its surplus values to the organization's members.

How big is Food for Life Global?
When did FFl.org begin its work?
Why should I donate to FFL.org?
Does FFL.org work with other organisations?
Is Food for Life Global vegan?
How do I apply for a job at FFL.org?
Who works at your organization?
How can I volunteer at FFL.org?

Questions about donations

Can I donate if I live outside the United States?

Yes, people living outside of the USA can donate. However, you will not be able to get a tax deduction unless you are a US citizen. If this is important to you, you may consider sponsoring Food for Life Global through an exchange of advertising rather than a donation. If you run a company, you can also choose to OM Guarantee certify your product or service which can also be considered an advertising expense. Check out www.OMguarantee.com

Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?
How can I be sure you’re putting my donation to good use?
Where does my money actually go?
What sort of giving opportunities do you offer?
Can I sponsor a child?
How will FFL.org use my personal and financial information?
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Can I donate offline?
Can I donate through payroll deduction?
Can I make a donation in someone’s honor/in memory of a loved one?
Can I have my donation matched by my company?
Will I get a receipt for my donation?
Is my online donation secure?

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