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Food for Life Houston Serving Vegan Meals to Hurricane Survivors


An estimated 21 trillion gallons of rain fell on the Houston area as a result of Hurricane Harvey, causing 51 inches of flooding in the worst hit places and resulting in over 1 million displaced people.

Harvey’s devastating flooding brought back tough memories in New Orleans as Tuesday marked the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The death toll in Texas related to Hurricane Harvey rose to at least 37 Thursday morning, CNN reports.

The Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant in Houston has been offering 300-400 free vegan meals to victims since the storm hit, however, they are now delivering free vegan meals to area shelters, including 200 hot meals to volunteers at the University of Houston who are doing volunteer service at various shelters.

“The shelters don’t have vegan food for volunteers, so we stepped up,” says Shyamasundara, the ISKCON temple president.

The temple is also offering spiritual counseling services for those in need and doing kirtan and prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Food for Life Global is collecting funds on behalf of the vegan food relief. Please donate to sponsor free vegan meals to those in need in Texas.

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About FFLG

About FFLG

With roots dating back to 1974, Food for Life Global is a global network of vegan food reliefs and wellness services. Our mission is to create peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure food prepared with loving intention. Learn more

Feed Children

Feed Children

For as little as $108 you can help us provide a freshly cooked vegan meal to an underprivileged child in India for an entire school year! Food for Life Global’s affiliate, Food for Life Annamrita takes proven, low-cost methods to provide nutritious lunches to children. Learn more…

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Disaster Relief

Food for Life Global affiliates has been first responders in some of the world’s greatest natural and man-made disasters, including the first Chechen war, the great Asian tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina, the 2011 tsunami in Japan and the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. Learn more…

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

Food for Life Global’s mission of creating equality extends to helping the most exploited and marginalised species on the planet, farmed animals bred for food. All animals deserve respect and our affiliate Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary sets a wonderful example. Learn more…

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