Corporate Sponsorship

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Thank you for your interest in supporting Food for Life Global. With the financial support from your organization, we can continue to provide critical organizational and operational resources to our Food for Life Global vegan hunger relief programs. 

We are proud to promote all of our national and international sponsors through a variety of marketing and visibility opportunities. We invite you to come alongside us as we continue to expand our vital work and reach more people in need. 

For more information about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us at

Ways Your Organization Can Get Involved

  • Direct Financial Donations: Your organization’s direct contribution to our mission will have an immediate impact and help Food for Life Global to assist in emergency vegan food relief efforts. 

  • Cause Marketing Campaigns: We understand the need for transparency and for consumers to see the impact they are having on society. Customers expect the brands they support to be socially responsible. Therefore, we offer businesses to join us in conducting cause marketing campaigns to support Food for Life Global. Benefits to corporate sponsors include:

– Improve corporate image

– Satisfy need for corporate social responsibility

– Increase brand awareness & loyalty

– Boost sales 

Employee Giving Campaigns: Give your employees an opportunity to make a charitable donation to Food for Life Global through a recurring payroll deduction. These campaigns are a great way to foster and increase employee engagement and morale in the workplace. 


Kindly Coin

Is the world’s first measurable social impact cryptocurrency on the Polygon blockchain.

Kindly is a humanitarian-based blockchain project building an ecosystem that brings accountability, transparency, and trust to the multi-billion dollar charitable giving market. Kindly is creating and aspires to own the social impact supply chain, which will enable them to be the leader in tracking and generating social impact.


OM Guarantee

Offers the OM Guarantee certification for doing social good and Food for Life Global is the exclusive charity partner for delivering vegan meals.

An OM Guarantee certification costs from 25 cents, is only offered to socially-responsible companies, and is verified multiple times on the EOS blockchain.

To learn more, visit

Bank of America

As part of our commitment to building a culture of giving and volunteering at the company, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts program encourages employees to contribute to causes they care about most by doubling the impact of their charitable donations to eligible nonprofits with matching gifts up to $5,000 USD per employee, per calendar year. Annually, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation provides more than $25 million in matching gifts on behalf of employee donations.



Complement is about empowering you to make your own decisions for your health — with tools, superfoods, resources, and nutrients to help build a system that fits your goals.

We are a plantbased supplement company with a mission to make the world healthier and happier. Complement has helped redefine what it means to thrive on a healthy plant-based diet.

Johnson & Johnson

A renowned multinational corporation, not only excels in the production of healthcare products, but also stands out for its commitment to giving back to communities through charitable initiatives. 

Johnson & Johnson’s dedication to supporting charities goes beyond being a successful corporation. The company actively looks for ways to positively impact communities through financial contributions, employee volunteering, knowledge sharing, and strategic collaborations.

Visit Johnson&

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Pew Charitable Trusts is a philanthropic organization that plays a pivotal role in supporting charities and advancing their missions. Recognized for its commitment to public service, Pew has become a prominent force in providing financial resources, research, and advocacy to nonprofit organizations working towards positive social change.

In addition to monetary contributions, Pew also brings valuable expertise and guidance to charities.

To learn more, visit


Merck actively engages its employees in volunteering efforts to support charities.

In addition to financial support and volunteerism, Merck leverages its scientific expertise and research capabilities to support charitable organizations.

Merck also plays a crucial role in enhancing access to healthcare in underserved regions. The company partners with governments and international organizations to expand access to medicines and vaccines, particularly in low-income countries.



One of the ways that Textron helps charities is through financial support. The company allocates funds to nonprofit organizations that align with its mission, focusing on areas such as education, community development, and environmental sustainability. By providing financial contributions, Textron enables charities as FFLG to implement programs and initiatives that bring about positive change and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

To learn more, visit

Clif Bar & Company

Through their philanthropic initiatives, Clif Bar actively contributes to various charitable organizations and causes. They believe in the power of community and sustainability, and their efforts reflect these values.

Furthermore, Clif Bar encourages their employees to actively participate in volunteer activities and community service. They provide paid volunteer hours and organize team-building events that focus on giving back to the community. 


Capital Group

Capital Group is committed to making a positive impact in the community by actively supporting various charitable initiatives. Through their philanthropic efforts, they strive to address critical social issues and contribute to the betterment of society. They collaborate with reputable charitable organizations, focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social welfare. Their support extends beyond financial contributions, as they also encourage their employees to volunteer their time and skills to make a difference. 

To learn more, visit

Mondelez Global LLC

Is dedicated to making a positive difference in society through its support of charitable organizations. By partnering with reputable charities, Mendelez Global LLC focuses on addressing pressing social issues such as education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and environmental sustainability. Through financial contributions, employee volunteer programs, and strategic partnerships, Mendelez Global LLC strives to create a lasting impact and improve the well-being of individuals and communities in need.



Please complete the form below to learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor. Thank you for your interest in supporting Food for Life Global!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

In-Kind Donations

Food for Life Global accepts in-kind donations. Whether that be goods, services, time or your expertise, we are grateful to all who give to our mission in different ways. In-kind donations help Food for Life Global continue to provide valuable and necessary resources to our mission.

If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please contact



Provides pro-bono accounting and tax filing services to Food for Life Global. 

CFO Consultants passion lies in empowering small business owners to navigate the complex world of finance with clarity and confidence. With a long-term vision in mind, they are dedicated to offering a range of services that transcend traditional bookkeeping, setting your business on a trajectory toward growth and prosperity.



Dr. Marilyn has been a holistic healer for over 35 years. She is a graduate of the California College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as the Loomis Institute. She is also a Certified Natural Health Professional bringing natural healing modalities to the forefront. Her company, Healthy Living with Marilyn, is her new venture adding a special touch to natural healing.

To learn more, visit


Our exclusive manufacturer of Food for Life Global’s giving snack bar. Made with organic and vegan ingredients, every sale of our bar results in a needy child receiving a freshly cooked vegan meal. 

To learn more, visit


Clean Machine® was created from the belief that people want products to help them be both healthy and physically fit, not just one or the other. That’s why all of our products are: 1. Based on science and work with our body to promote health and fitness. 2. Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.


Is Food for Life Global’s legal pro bono partner. Founded in 1949, Baker McKenzie is a multinational law firm headquartered in Chicago. As of August 2016, it is ranked as the second-largest international law firm in the world.



Food for Life Global is a 100% voluntarily funded organization

Keeping Things Transparent

Food for Life Global is a 100% voluntarily funded organization. For every $1 you give, 70 cents goes directly to programs supporting food relief. Of the remaining funds, 10 cents helps run Food for Life Global, including advocacy, training, education, and 20 cents goes towards raising the next $1 to help us continue our important work.