Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships are an excellent way for businesses to get more exposure and communicate their message. A corporate sponsorship is a legal contract involving a for-profit entity and a nonprofit group wherein each side gains from the other's participation.

For-profit organizations could provide a sizable payment at the nonprofit's annual fundraising events, and in return, the nonprofit organization will recognize, publicize, and promote its corporate partners. In exchange, the organization supports the company's corporate social responsibility in efforts to demonstrate to its consumers how it participates in community giving.

Corporate sponsorship is a mutually beneficial arrangement, as opposed to a sponsorship letter or contributions, where both parties profit. Food for Life receives the funds it requires, and you, the sponsor, benefit by becoming a part of it.

What's In It for
Corporate Sponsors?

As a corporate sponsor, your company will gain access to a highly targeted audience of potential customers. And as a result, your company may see an increase in exposure and regard. So why not give it a try?

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Brand Recognition

Sponsoring a charity can help a company's brand become more well-known. While supporting a charitable cause may not immediately result in more sales, it may enable customers to connect a brand image with a particular ideal.

Furthermore, corporate sponsorships bring names of brands in front of consumers that might not fit the traditional profile of the firm, which can raise brand recognition in new spheres.

At FFL, sponsor logos are displayed on FFL's website, in films, pictures, social media posts, and more.

Tax Deduction

Corporations certified as corporate income taxpayers that report sponsorship outgoings in compliance with the right tax laws may benefit from a tax exemption from the corporate income tax owed for sponsorship. This indicates that a portion of the tax owed is channeled toward the sponsorship beneficiaries. Typically, a tax credit for sponsoring expenditures is relinquished to the lower of 20% of the owed corporate tax or 0.5% of net turnover.

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Maintaining Transparency

Food for Life Global receives all of its funding from donations and by securing corporate sponsorships. Seventy cents of every dollar you provide directly supports initiatives that provide food aid. The remaining money is divided as follows: 10 cents go to running Food for Life Global, which includes activism, education, and awareness; 20 cents are used to raise the next $1 to support our vital work.

It Doesn't Cost To Make an Impact

Food for Life seeks to give starving people a much-needed supply of food. Through our corporate partnerships, we provide larger meals at a lower cost than other nonprofit organizations giving food aid. We also ensure that every single dish is 100% vegan and freshly prepared the day it is served.

At Food for Life Global, we partner with nationwide corporations and local businesses to bring people together through charitable giving and healthy eating and assist those who don’t have the economic or agricultural resources to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Our charity does more than just provide food to hungry people; we also work to promote respect for the environment and its environmental assets.

What Corporate Sponsorship Options are Available?

There are several ways that businesses may sponsor events. Several of the most common types include the following:

Fundraising Campaigns

In return for brand recognition, a corporate sponsor would provide a sizable financial contribution to fund a large project. For instance, a sponsor may give money to a nonprofit after-school program to develop a new soccer field.

Event Sponsorship

A corporate sponsor makes a financial or in-kind commitment to support a major event.

In-Kind Donations

In order to assist you in meeting a need, a business sponsor offers products or services at no cost.

Comparative Gifts

Corporate sponsors make substantial financial contributions to inspire others to donate. For instance, the sponsor will double every dollar donated by an individual up to a maximum of $50,000.

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