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FOOD FOR LIFE Global supports only pure vegan food relief programs around the world. FOOD FOR LIFE Global educates people about the benefits of a karma-free vegan diet. FOOD FOR LIFE Global needs your help and support to end the shame of animal suffering in the name of sustenance FOOD FOR LIFE Global’s ultimate mission is a peaceful effort to unite the world through pure food.

There is no time like the present to fight for a cruelty-free and peaceful world!

All membership subscriptions are tax-deductible and you can cancel your membership at any time. Food for Life Global membership fees enables Food for Life Global to continue it support services, including facilitating the transfer of your emergency relief donations to the intended FFL project. Please support this service by becoming a member today.


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For as little as 33 cents per day, you can support the work of Food for Life Global. (Your subscription of $10/month will begin immediately and can be canceled whenever you want. It will be automatically renewed after one year unless canceled. Naturally, we hope you stay with us and we will do our best to convince you to do so!) To get started, hit the subscribe button below.

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For those who want to volunteer their skills – join the most noble charity in the world, saving human and non human animals! Download our FOOD FOR LIFE “Volunteer Advocacy Kit“! You can also visit our Volunteer Page for ideas or search for volunteer opportunities.