Food For Life Global Partners with humanDAO

Partnership with humanDAO

Food For Life Global and humanDAO started their partnership in January 2022. humanDAO generously donated to Food For Life Global and will continue to contribute 5% of their monthly revenue moving forward. 

The humanDAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization created to use crypto assets, platforms, and incentives to help underserved communities. Help can be in the form of education, work, funding, or lending. It’s a jobs board, education center, and opportunity zone for the metaverse and the new digital gig-economy starting to emerge on blockchains.

humanDAO’s mission is to help uplift underserved communities with wages, education, meals, and general funding. Feeding those who are less fortunate is one of their main initiatives. This new partnership with Food For Life Global will help feed thousands of hungry children around the world. 

Learn more about humanDAO by checking out their website, 

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995. He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef, and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, 7 maxims for soul happiness.

MR. Turner has traveled to 72 countries over the last 35 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.

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