How to Donate to Needy People Around the World TODAY

Millions upon millions of people are suffering. Every day, while many of us enjoy a warm or cool meal, safe and secure in our housing with our appetites satiated, countless others are on the brink of death.

Starvation, malnourishment, and famine are plagues that continue to tear apart families, peoples, and nations as a whole. Worldwide hunger and food scarcity are not simply about what is edible. This is a battle of the spirit, the mind, and the body.

It is truly a humanitarian crisis of all levels and facets.

At Food for Life Global (FFLG), we supply freshly cooked vegan meals for more than a million people every 24 hours. With 5,000 volunteers in 65 countries, we work tirelessly to address this far-reaching issue so that one day, no child, adult, family, or group of people will have to go hungry.

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Whether a homeless man in Washington or malnourished children in a remote village in Kenya, everyone we help has a story and a need.

Through concerted online fundraising efforts, strong and lasting donor relationships, and a coalition of classy nonprofits, we seek to change the world for the better.

What Food for Life Global Is All About

Our sanctified plant-based meals are devoid of animal torture, pain, and abuse. With the help of worldwide donors, varied resources, charities, and community actors, we are providing the love, peace, and prosperity our planet so desperately needs.

Our supporters drive our international mission, infusing the necessary money and funds to help countless disadvantaged populations.

If you want to become a supporter, donate money, help with resources, or simply join our numerous community coalitions, there are many ways you can help.

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Help us continue the liberal distribution of plant-based meals, as our online donations and online fundraising grow.

How Supporters Can Help Through Donations and More

Our network of supporters, affiliates, charities, and classy community activist groups have helped us through a variety of online donations.

If you’d like to join these offline and online fundraising efforts to directly help with feeding people, feeding animals, or building our gardening and farming education projects, do not hesitate!

There are many ways you can help. Our online donations do not merely feed the hungry (which is critical), but they also are establishing an international framework of education, grass-roots activism, and food relief.

You can choose to be a member with monthly fees, a team partner, an occasional supporter through online donations, and more.

The more people, the more money, and the more caring hearts, and minds, the better!

Learn how you can help our online fundraising and beyond, today.

Online Donations for Disadvantaged People & Animals

It’s incredible to think about, but since its establishment, Food for Life Global (FFLG) has served more than 8 billion meals worldwide. That’s essentially a meal for every human being on the planet!

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Through a multitude of humanitarian services and honest, caring marketing, numerous supporters have spread the word.

Healthy vegan eating, animal rescue, and human hunger are more than important issues. That’s why the mission driving FFLG has the potential to revolutionize the way humans and animals live and thrive across the globe.

As one of many powerful and classy nonprofits and world hunger organizations, Food for Life provides invaluable resources, funds, and support that so many forgotten, marginalized, and disadvantaged people can’t live without.

More importantly, FFLG provides the educational support necessary to address the core of the problems. Social disparities and issues of poverty are everywhere, and recognizing them begins with an understanding of spiritual equality.

Whether marginalized and malnourished in Washington, D.C., or struggling just to find clean drinking water in Eritrea, the people we help share a common thread across place and time.

If you’d like to make online donations or additional donations, simply visit the donation page and choose your donation amount.

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Making Online Donations to Feed the Hungry

We love to build loyalty with every donor and every person we support. Once on the donor page, supporters can choose to make an online donation that is either recurring monthly or one-time.

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Using the Donation Page and Donation Form

Online donations can be made across various currencies, such as USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, or INR. Online donations of just $10 can feed 20 children. A $1,000 donation is enough to pay for food for 2,000 children.

Online donations can also be customized for any amount. Online donations can even be matched by a company or employer. In some cases, employers will more than match an online donation.

With all online donations, donors have the opportunity to leave a message and dedicate the money they pay to a special somebody.

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These online donations are incredibly easy and help drive the core mission of ending hunger and starvation worldwide. Every donation is a gift that can change a life.

If you’d like to make the gift of an online donation, you can do so for people and animals alike.

Making Online Donations for Animal Rescue

FFLG works with various animal sanctuaries and rescues, most prominently Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, which is one of many 501c3 nonprofits. Many engaging organizations and charities also share Juliana’s mission, providing the necessary support, funding, and supporters’ team to help their animal friends.

In addition to the focus and effort concerning animals, Juliana also links up with workshops on vegan food preparation, free school programs, and other food relief campaigns.

Using the Donation Form For Online Donations

Similar to the online donation to feed people, the online donation page form for animals provides the option to donate monthly, one-time, or annually.


A donor can feed two large animals for only $10 a day. Donor support of $25 can feed five pigs for two days, and any other gift or donation amount above that can help maintain the success of the rescue. A donation gift of $20 can feed 40 dogs a day!

There are also other classy charities, nonprofit organizations, and networks that are happy to receive online donations. For instance, Care for Cows benefits over 500 abandoned cows, bulls, calf orphans, and old oxen in India.

This nonprofit organization’s goal is to raise the standards of cow protection through donor dollars, volunteer efforts, and other charity tools.

For increased donor engagement, supporters can also provide online donations through donation forms specifically designed for crypto.

Making Crypto Online Donations

Donors who choose to make a crypto online donation not only know they are giving a gift of importance, but they also get to enjoy the perks of a tax-deductible donation.

Because a cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible, a donor is free of capital gains tax for the appreciated amount. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency online donations are becoming increasingly popular for this reason.

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From the backstreets of Washington, D.C., to the clustered slums of India, your online donations of crypto can go far and wide.

Crypto Online Donations We Accept

Crypto appears to be a preferred donation method for many donors. FFLG accepts many cryptocurrency online donations, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, Dogecoin, Ethereum Name Service, Aave, Basic Attention Token, and many, many more.

FFLG also accepts donations through blockchain platforms, such as Algorand. Many charities, donors, organization members, and nonprofit supporters find crypto to be the donation gift of the future.

There is even a Paypal Giving Fund for online donations. Donors can fill it out in seconds and send the funding of their choosing to the charities and campaigns they prefer.


Whether one chooses to donate with traditional currency or through online donations of crypto, the monetary engagement opportunities are endless.

There are many ways to support using FFLG’s website forms and tools. As a result, it’s now easier than ever to engage a nonprofit group, provide charity donations, and generate fundraising for those in need.

Understanding Our Donor Relationships

The primary mission of FFLG is to raise attention concerning the social, cultural, and spiritual causes of worldwide hunger, starvation, and food scarcity.

Through a focus on humans and animals alike, FFLG relies on an international network of fundraising organizations, crowdfunding nonprofits, social engagement campaigns, and other support structures necessary to free the planet of some of its most pressing sociocultural issues.

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Your Donation Support is Crucial

FFLG treasures its relationship with each donor, whether the donor’s donation or fundraising is massive and recurring or just a few dollars.

The relationship between donors and FFLG is always classy. No third party receives donor information. Online donations are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens and check and bank wire donations are also accepted.

Offline and online donations can even be made on behalf of somebody else. All donors’ online donations, offline gifts, and mail channels are secured.

How to Reach Out About Offline and Online Donations

Donors can feel free to contact the various nonprofits, charities, and organizations with any questions or concerns they may have.

Through contact forms, emails, phone numbers, and other means of connection, each donor can learn the basics, get involved, and even provide tips for aiding the mission. A donor’s relationship with a support network should always be classy, easy, and productive.

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This is why the FFLG site is designed to facilitate online donations and fundraising, while also providing the educational tools and support necessary to help disadvantaged populations around the globe.

Offline and Online Fundraising Campaigns

Offline and online donations are always great and welcomed, but fundraising efforts are also an integral part of eradicating hunger and increasing vegan, animal-friendly practices. Whether connecting with nonprofits, using fundraisers new and old, or engaging other support networks, supporters of the cause have many options.

Pure, delicious, healthy food is right around the corner. But only if the fundraising is ample and the donations continue to come in. That’s why FFLG partners with classy organizations, charities, and platforms that are proven to provide lasting, robust support.

The following support networks, fundraising platforms, and top charities are great for anyone looking to donate and increase support.

  • JustGiving
  • Facebook
  • Amazon Smile
  • eBay for Charity

Because FFLG receives 100% of its support and funding voluntarily, we strive to maximize every donation and every dollar that supporters fundraise.

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Seventy cents on each dollar donation or fundraising dollar is directed toward an organization that helps with hunger relief. Another twenty cents of every dollar donation or fundraising dollar goes toward new efforts to fundraise, foster support, and increase offline and online donations.

In other words, out of every 1$ donation, only 10 cents help to fund FFLG. The rest of your donation or fundraising dollar either goes directly to the organization, charity, or support group of your choice, or training and education efforts.

Becoming a Donation/Fundraising Member or Volunteer

Whether helping to curb poverty in Washington, D.C., or fighting for the rights of retired oxen in South Asia, your status as a member or volunteer provides you ample opportunities to make a difference.

As a member or volunteer, not only can you make regular online donations that help immensely, but you will also receive exclusive access to unique fundraising events, classy organizations, helpful seminars and workshop tools, and various other support structures.

Top Reasons to Be a Fundraising/Donation Member

FFLG is passionate about pure vegan food, hunger relief programs, and animal rights advocacy. That’s why FFLG offers members numerous reasons to participate in regular fundraising, online donations, and more.

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When you become a Give Every Month (GEM) member and support great causes through monthly fees, you receive various cool perks and merchandise.

These include:

  • Sweaters, Shirts, and Beanies
  • Mystery Merchandise from the FFLG Shop
  • Free Vegan Recipes
  • Free Food Yoga Book

Your recurring payment can be provided monthly or annually and can be changed at any time. For example, if you donate $100 per month, your support can produce 200 meals. If your donation is just $500 a year, you can provide enough food for 1,000 people!

There are many reasons members get involved.

Top Reasons to Be a Volunteer

Fundraising and donations are great, classy ways to get involved, but sometimes you want a more hands-on approach. For every donation member wanting to help face-to-face, an event or opportunity is waiting.

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If you’re a volunteer, you can choose from being a direct contact volunteer, a technical assistance volunteer, or an advocacy volunteer.

Depending upon the event, the role, and the responsibilities, you may:

  • Prepare and Serve Meals
  • Provide Emergency Relief Support
  • Offer Medical Assistance
  • Offer Educational Support
  • Offer Infrastructure Building Support
  • Post Community Information Online
  • Promote and Organize Events In-Person
  • Research and Write Articles
  • Supervise Social Networks
  • Design Relevant Websites and Blogs
  • Assist with Event Ticketing

These are just some of the ways FFLG volunteers can contribute to the goals and missions of FFLG and associated charities, organizations, nonprofits, and affiliates.

Your immersive opportunities may include everything from attending green and vegan conferences, teaching non-native speakers English, learning to cultivate and garden, providing therapeutic support to orphans, and more.

Joining the FFLG Network

So don’t delay. If you want to make a meaningful and lasting difference, inspire healing and unity, and help create a green-friendly, sustainable planet, the opportunities are everywhere.

Embrace good Karma. Connect with others and Mother Nature, and do something that goes beyond the traditional. With every donation, every fundraising dollar, and every minute spent volunteering, you become greater than yourself.

No child should be left starving and dying. No animal should be tortured or maimed. All across the globe, children, adults, and people, in general, are struggling just to survive. What you and I have, many people do not.

The things we often take for granted are completely missing in countless populations across the globe. Millions of our fellow humans and animals are struggling just to live.

If you want to be part of a classy international food relief nonprofit that is changing this, FFLG is waiting for you.

Visit the website, fill out the contact form, shoot an email, or make a call. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate. Reach out to Food for Life Global and become the difference you want to see in the world.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995. He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef, and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, 7 maxims for soul happiness.

MR. Turner has traveled to 72 countries over the last 35 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.

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