Donate On Your Birthday

If you have a social media account, you’ve probably already come across a “donate on your birthday” post, encouraging you to donate to a charitable cause as a selfless present for a friend or family member.

Setting up a birthday fundraiser is one of the best ways to get your local community involved in charitable giving, all while providing a much bigger donation than you would be able to offer on your own.

When it comes to nonprofit operations like Food for Life Global’s hunger relief program, every donation, no matter how small, can make an impact to lift communities out of food insecurity.

If one small act can make such a difference to the lives of hundreds of children around the world, think of how much bigger your impact could be when donating your collection!

So, how can you donate on your birthday to Food for Life Global?

Three Ways

you can make a birthday donation

If you’ve chosen to fundraise and donate on your birthday this year, there are three easy ways you can start collecting funds from your community.

Facebook fundraiser

One of the most popular and accessible fundraising methods, Facebook fundraising allows you to instantly set up a fundraising campaign for a charity, as long as the organization has a Facebook account. If you wish to donate to FFLG, choose Food for Life Global from the list of charities, set up a goal, promote your birthday fundraiser and FFLG will receive donations directly from Facebook. Note that only people from certain countries can create fundraisers on Facebook at this time.

Raise money for charity directly

Alternatively, you can choose to raise money directly by asking your coworkers, friends, and family to donate to a cause you care about themselves, as it would make for the best birthday present they could ever give you.

You might want to use some of your chosen charity’s resources to spread the word about the issue you want to support, so you can raise awareness and educate those around you to continue supporting the charity’s efforts.

Collect money and donate to charity in one go

Another way to donate on your birthday is to set up an “unofficial” online fundraiser or campaign to collect donations in person, so you can donate the funds on your birthday with a transfer in your name.

This might be the best option if those close to you don’t have Facebook accounts or if they don’t know how to approach online giving directly.

Tips for creating

a successful birthday fundraiser

How to Donate on Birthday

Have a goal

After choosing an organization to donate to, your next step should be to set a precise goal for your fundraiser, so you can keep track of your progress and show your community exactly how far small donations can go.

This is the time to research your charity’s operations in-depth, so you can get an idea of how your donation will be spent and what goal to set if you truly want your donation to make a difference.

Food for Life Global is the most cost-efficient food relief charity in the world, so if you choose to donate to our organization, you’ll be guaranteed that every dollar will be stretched as far as it can go!

Educate and inspire

Whether you’re writing a Facebook post or campaigning for your fundraiser in person, you’ll want to focus on your words and motivation to inspire others to donate.

If you’re passionate enough about the cause that you want your special day to revolve around it, you already have a strong motivation for putting effort into your campaign — your passion and knowledge about the issue will motivate others to follow you!

Make sure to mention all the relevant data about how the charity is helping others as well as a link to their website or provide resources for any claims you’re making.

Finally, don’t forget to add a call to action to direct donors to the fundraising page or the organization’s donation page!


Once your pitch is set and you’ve gathered all the resources you need to educate and inspire future donors, you’ll want to promote your fundraiser to reach even more people.

This is quite easy to do with Facebook or any other social media platform, but emailing and calling your contacts will work just as well!

Why donate to FFLG?

If you’re still looking for a charitable organization to donate to for your special day, consider donating to Food for Life Global to make an impact on the lives of children all around the world.

Our mission is simple: We want to end child hunger by providing nutritious and inexpensive meals to communities in need.

We are not only the world’s most cost-efficient food relief charity but also one of the most environmentally sustainable, as we make all our meals from plant-based, low-impact ingredients.

If you’re still looking for a charitable organization to donate to for your special day, consider donating to Food for Life Global to make an impact on the lives of children all around the world.

You can choose to get involved in our mission by donating in memory of a passed loved one, donating in honor of someone, leaving a bequest, or even donating other assets like cars.

But if you want to make your birthday a joyous occasion for those who need it most, consider birthday fundraising — it’ll make for a celebration to remember!

Donate to FFLG through Just Giving

We also have a fundraising profile on Just Giving, the world’s most trusted platform for online giving.