Giving thanks by giving back

Thanksgiving is a time for us to be thankful and celebrate with friends and family. But this holiday also has an important meaning that we should not take lightly. It’s a time to say thank you and remind ourselves how much we have, while also giving back in another way. Especially to those who are less fortunate. The number of people affected by hunger globally rose to as many as 828 million in 2021, an increase of about 46 million since 2020 and 150 million since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic (1), according to a United Nations report that provides fresh evidence that the world is moving further away from its goal of ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030. 

While hunger is a devastating reality for millions of children around the world, we have the power to save them. On this coming thanksgiving,  There are many ways to give back, and each one can make a difference in the lives of those in need. 

One way to give back on Thanksgiving is to donate food to Food for life global. We provide hot vegan meals for those who might otherwise go hungry. Food for Life has a presence on all the continents and our reach is constantly expanding. From the America’s to Australia, to Asia, Africa and Europe, we offer healthy meals to those in need regardless of age, location, race, gender or creed. Your donation can help make sure that everyone has a warm meal this holiday season. 

Another way to give back is to volunteer at food for life global. This can be a great way to spend time with family or friends while helping those who are less fortunate. Another way to help is by giving gifts to children in need. Many children don’t have the necessities like clothes, shoes, and toys. By donating new or gently used items, we can bring joy to a child’s life this holiday season. So this Thanksgiving, let’s remember what the holiday is really about and how we can help make a difference in the lives of others.

We make donating easy, and even that small change in our pocket can help feed someone. With rising prices due to COVID-19, the average meal costs 50 cents — a paltry amount for most people — but it is the value of a daily meal for many. 

No amount is too small to help on Thanksgiving. Every little helps when it comes to preparing a holiday meal, and even the smallest donation can make a big difference. If you’re able to contribute something this Thanksgiving, no matter how small, know that you are helping to make someone’s holiday just a little brighter.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995. He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef, and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, 7 maxims for soul happiness.

MR. Turner has traveled to 72 countries over the last 35 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.

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