Food for Life Responds to Floods in Chennai with hot meals

Chennai has been declared as a national disaster zone and is witnessing its worst crisis in more than 100 years. With a population of 4.6 million affected due to floods caused by heavy rainfall, the city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is in chaos. With no power or easy access to food and water, life in Chennai is harsh.

This is the first time in hundred years that Chennai is facing such heavy rainfall. The death toll is approximately 260 with more being discovered daily. The Indian Army has been deployed to rescue people and supply necessities. The flooding has caused enormous financial losses, estimated to be above 2.2 billion dollars.

chennaiflood1The Hare Krishna temple in Chennai, where Food for Life is based, has suffered immensely as well. Most of the volunteer monks have been shifted out of the temple. The situation is dire and more rainfall could make the situation worse!

11251814_10153787570434777_4576625467030867767_nJayapataka Swami, the Krishna leader for Chennai and who oversees the Food for Life project in many parts of India, has requested people to pray for Chennai. Despite the massive challenge, Food for Life Chennai is currently supplying daily meals to more 1500 flood-displaced families sheltered in government schools. “We aim to expand the food distribution to more areas in Chennai, along with supplying water and bedsheets,” said local director, Sumithra Krishna.

Food for Life Chennai were the first responder to the great Asian tsunami of 2004, providing hot meals the same afternoon the tides crushed over 200,000 people. Eventually, the main relief efforts focused on Sri Lanka.

“Food for Life Global has already committed $1000 and we hope to raise more over the next few weeks,” said, director, Paul Rodney Turner.

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Food for Life Responds to Floods in Chennai with hot meals

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Food for Life Chennai bank account details are as follows:

Account Number: 423010100035200
IFS code: UTIB0000423

Sukirti Madhavi DD: 9790710432
Prassana Gopinath Das: 9840043330

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  • PAUL TURNER December 7, 2015

    Food For Life Chennai, with the help of ISKCON Rajamundry, is now distributing over 7000 hot plates of prasadam. Please let me know where to send photos. tomorrow we are having medical camp also.

    sumithra krishna das
    temple president
    iskcon chennai.

  • PAUL TURNER December 8, 2015

    This is great news. Send photos to along with new info so I can post a new story.