Refugees Find Comfort in Free FFLG Meals Throughout Europe

FOR IMMEDIATE RELIEF – Ljubljana, Slovenia — Food for Life Global (FFLG) through its European affiliates continue to distribute free plant-based meals to refugees in over ten European countries. Over 10,000 meals have been served so far. As millions of refugees escape ghastly conditions in their home countries, more organizations and activists are coming forward to assist refugees to find a safe and home and food and FFLG are among them. sept13fflpr1 Slovenian human rights activist, Faila Pasic Bisic, listened to hardships faced by Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees during a FFLG food distribution on September 6th in Slovenia. Her message is for governments and organizations to “think, feel, do something” for these migrants. Faila is among the 12 most influential European women according to European Institute for Gender Equality. On September 11th, many refugees arrived at the Stockholm train station and were welcomed with open arms by Swedish youth. Free meals were distributed outside the station by Food4Peace Sweden, an affiliate of FFL Global, and it was a joyful event. FFL volunteer, Kamala Priya, said, “There is still hope for humanity when young and old from different religions, cultures, and ethnic groups can come together to help”. sept13fflpr2 On September 12th, FFLG affiliate, Up Association, distributed water, clothing and other supplies to refugees in Trieste, Italy. They also lined up for hot meals of rice, chickpeas, vegetables, tomatoes and a dessert. The Palestinian and Afghani refugees are finding temporary residence in abandoned warehouses nearby the Trieste port. As a sign of hospitality, the refugees offered traditional tea to the volunteers. Food for All, another FFLG affiliate, is setting up a mobile kitchen to travel through France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to distribute free plant-based meals to refugees in Calais, Paris, and Brussels, among other cities. CollectActif, a crisis recovery group, is also distributing hundreds of meals to refugees throughout Europe. Another 18,000 refugees are expected in Spain’s Malaga Port this week. FFL Global affiliates are now actively distributing free meals to refugees in Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, and Germany. sept13fflpr3 With roots dating back to 1974, Food for Life Global has been the acting headquarters since 1995 and is now headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, having previously been registered in Washington D.C., with coordinating offices worldwide. The mission of the organization is to unite the world through pure food, by the liberal distribution of pure plant-based meals to disadvantaged, malnourished people and victims of disasters. Volunteers currently serve up to 2,000,000 free plant-based meals on a daily basis. You can help as a volunteer or donate for free meal distribution through their website, For further information, please contact us.

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