Director Explains How We Can Solve Inequality with Food

Recently, the executive director and co-founder of Food for Life Global joined the host, Spirit Rosenberg on their podcast.
When you think about food, what questions usually come to mind?

Is it tasty? Is it healthy? Will I have enough or too much? How will it make me look? Maybe some of these sound familiar; but have you ever thought about food as a unifier of people, something that can remove divisive mentalities and bring us all together around ‘the universal dinner table’?

For Paul Turner, this is one of his core beliefs and one of the reasons he founded Food For Life Global, an organisation that provides 2 million vegan meals a day to people in need, for 25 cents a meal. “Hunger is not because of a lack of food” Paul tells us; which begs us to ask why there is world hunger then? According to the United Nations the reason is inequitable distribution; and why is there an inequitable distribution? Food for Life Global believe they have the answer to that.

Over this 25 minute interview our podcast host, Spirit, tries to gain an understanding of what Food For Life Global is doing to solve this problem. The conversation takes a holistic approach on the matter. Paul and Spirit explore topics spanning the idea of ‘consciousness’ in food itself(a concept actually backed by scientific research), animal well being alongside that of humans and creating a sense of unity in people. They also take a look at how the organisation turns these ideas into effective commercial programmes for companies by offering them with what they call ‘OM Guarantee certifications’. These provide a cost-efficient way for companies to align their brand with a cause and simultaneously, add real value to their marketing.

Before leaving, our guest wants us to understand something particular about his work: All of it is informed by spirituality, as he himself was a monk for 14 years, but also uses science to ensure it’s applicable in a modern context. “You might say spirituality begins with the tongue?” asks our host Spirit. “ Exactly” replies Paul, who has even written a book on the subject and provides a free 2 chapter sample to interested readers.

To learn more about how food could solve some of the most important problems on our planet and lead to further success in your own life, listen to the full 25-minute interview.

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