SweatCoin Supports Food for Life Global

SweatCoin Supports Food for Life Global

@sweatcoin just partnered with @omguarantee and has sponsored the feeding of 5000 children via Food for Life Global!⁠

Each year tens of thousands of children die before the age of 6 because they don’t have access to clean water and food.⁠

Sweatcoin’s mobile app is raising money to fight hunger and poverty and the best part about it is you can help in this fight by downloading their app and walking.⁠

Get healthy and do your bit to help and make a real difference to the lives of children everywhere.⁠

Just download the SweatCoin app and start walking and then donate your Sweatcoins to Food For Life Global to feed the kids!⁠


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SweatCoin Supports Food for Life GlobalToo good to be true?

Sweatcoin is simple. We want you to walk. More. And for that, we’ll reward you. We believe your steps have value: to you, your health insurance, society. In short: you walk, we pay.

And why? Because you’ll be happier. Your health will improve. You’ll spend more time outdoors. You’ll feel more energized. And we want a planet full of people like this.

So how do we get there?

We built a clever little app using our step verification algorithm to convert your outdoor steps into a virtual currency, which you can spend on real goods and services.

No matter how active you are, your steps now count for something. By earning and spending your sweatcoins, you make immediate gains and enjoy long-term benefits.

Now walk, earn, spend, repeat. You’ll see, it pays to walk.