FFL Global in Japan

Food for Life Global continues to work with our affilate Krishna Temple Japan to find a way to provide relief to the survivors in Japan. The challenges are enormous for everyone in Japan at the moment, including the relief workers. This event is turning out to be the biggest nuclear disaster in history. And it is therefore rather suspicious why the media is failing to cover it extensively now. Millions of people are being affected by this disaster. FFL Global is a small NGO, but we have always tried to do our best to provide quality services when the need arose. Our capacity may not be large, but we are extremely efficient. On average, our volunteers can serve a complete plant-based meal for as little as 15 cents in developing countries and around 50 cents in developed countries.

Food for Life Global has recently wired funds to our affiliate in Japan to help them with their work. As details of those efforts become available, we will post them here.

For those familiar with FFLG’s work in Haiti, here is a summary presentation of FFLG’s at that major disaster.

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