Food Services for Flood Relief

Floods are some of the most frequent and devastating natural disasters affecting the global community: It’s estimated that in the last twenty years, severe flooding has affected over 2 billion people worldwide.

Floods are responsible for the death of hundreds of people every year, and the communities that are often the most affected (primarily in the South Asian and Southeast Asian region) are also hit by the devastating costs of rehoming the population, rebuilding infrastructure, and caring for those affected in overcrowded and resource-poor hospitals. 

It is estimated that the total cost of the 2017 floods in South Asia amounted to as high as $1.2 billion while resulting in thousands of lives lost, thousands of homes destroyed, and a region in complete standstill.

To make matters even worse, the effects of climate change are increasing the frequency of flash floods, urban floods, and coastal floods, as the increase in annual precipitations and the gradual rise of our planet’s sea level continue to throw our ecosystem out of balance.

When countless lives can be destroyed as a result of one single flooding disaster, the international community must be quick to respond — it’s the only way in which more loss of life can be prevented. 

Here at Food for Life Global, we provide timely flood relief to help the communities most affected by the homelessness and hunger that follow the tide, committing to truly sustainable food relief efforts for a more sustainable future for all.

Motorcycle stuck in Flood

How FFL Helps Flood Victims

As part of our emergency food relief program, Food for Life provides pure plant-based meals to those most affected by flooding disasters: low-income families that have lost their homes, children without schools, the families waiting for urgent care, and those who have lost their businesses and livelihoods to the flood.

Our team of volunteers works tirelessly all across the world to deliver vegan meals that are both environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free, not only providing emergency food relief to flood victims experiencing food insecurity but also spreading kindness and promoting a more sustainable future through our actions.

We believe that the most effective and universally kind actions are those that can benefit every living creature on Earth, and we believe that it can all start with a single plate.

Food for Life has been running flood relief operations from the very beginning, starting with the place we call our home: Mayapur in West Bengal, sadly famous for the devastating Ganges river floods that are known to claim many lives almost every year.

We have continued our flood relief efforts throughout the past two decades, providing food relief services and aiding the flood victims stranded in Wroclaw, serving hot meals to homeless victims in flooded Prague, and providing even more warm plant-based meals to affected families in Mozambique, Pakistan, and India.

Flood Relief Operations by FFL

Throughout the years, Food for Life has been on the ground to support stranded and hungry populations hit by floods, making sure that our meals can provide health and comfort to those who need them the most.

From our home in West Bengal to the tent cities of Karachi, here are the emergency food assistance program’s operations that have helped support flood victims in a standstill:

How You Can Help: How to Donate for Flood Relief

As the effects of global warming and climate change continue to increase the risk of more severe floods all around the world, our team of incredible volunteers is going to need more reliable resources to see their flood relief operations through and continue their emergency food relief efforts.

If you believe in our mission and would like to play a part in the change we’re making for the lives of flood victims and their families, there are many ways you can donate to our organization to help support our initiatives.

You can choose to give what you can as a one-time donation, become a monthly member for only $10 a month, or sign up to become a yearly supporter with $120 a year, with a few gifts waiting for you.

By making a generous donation of $1,000 or more, you will automatically become a life member, helping us expand our emergency food assistance program for the future challenges to come.

As the most cost-efficient food relief network in the world, we also encourage cryptocurrency donations, the most tax-efficient way of helping us support our shared cause for a brighter, more sustainable future free of cruelty and hunger.

If you need any help with your donation or want to find out more about our mission, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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