Food Yoga Music Album

Every song unveils a particular feature of the work our charity does, starting with the most fundamental truth on Track 1 that spiritual life begins with controlling the tongue. The next song, Track 2 is a modern version of an ancient food offering ritual that can be used by anyone wishing to bless their food. Track 3 highlights the importance of controlling all the senses and how the tongue is the most voracious. Track 4 is the official mantras for offering food set to contemporary music. Track 5 is a song in Bengali language describing Lord Krishna having lunch with his friends. Track 6 is a modern explanation of Vedic Hospitality set to hip hop music. Track 7 is the official Food for Life theme song. Track 8 is a prayer to the inspiration behind the Food for Life project. And track 9 is all about the three characteristics of material nature and how they control our behavior.