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USC Spreads Good Karma

By Cristy Lytal (University of Southern California)

In a lush, sheltered courtyard beside the United University Church, carnivores and vegans alike gather for the Good Karma Café, an all-you-can-eat vegetarian lunch service hosted by the Office of Religious Life every Wednesday and Thursday from noon to 2 p.m.

For $7, patrons savor penne, peanut butter and chocolate halva and an unusual drink made from lemons and guanábana fruit. But it’s the salad dressing that has them drooling.

“How is this dressing so healthy and so good?” asked Tim Conley, a master’s student at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism who also works in the Office of Religious Life. “I tried to make it a couple times, and it never tastes like his, so I just quit trying to make it. There’s something in there the chef’s not telling me.”

His sister Crystal Conley, assistant director of the Structured Curriculum Program at the USC Center for Academic Support, agreed. “I’m putting the dressing on the pasta and not just the salad. We’re going to have to come back next week.”

The Good Karma Café is in its second popular incarnation, thanks to the good deeds — and dressing — of chef Sarvatma Das. At the University of California, Santa Barbara, Das’ lunch service drew crowds of 200 per meal for a decade. One of the regulars was Varun Soni, who attended graduate school and taught in Santa Barbara before becoming the dean of religious life at USC.

Soni quickly realized that USC’s large population of Hindu and Jain students have religious dietary restrictions that mandate vegetarianism. Soni also became aware of a petition, signed by 1,000 students, requesting more organic, healthy and vegetarian options on campus. He called up his old friend Das, and the Good Karma Café was reborn.

“This food is not simply vegetarian food, but it’s actually consecrated,” said Das, a monk from Buenos Aires who has done everything from running a surrealist newspaper in Uruguay to living on a beach in Brazil. “You offer it with love and then you share it with others. That’s the idea.”

As Das spoke these words, Garrett Broad, a vegan student who is pursuing his Ph.D. at USC Annenberg, wandered into the courtyard for his first experience of the Good Karma Café. Das informed him that the halva contained dairy and offered homemade vegan chocolate instead.

At a nearby table, sophomore architecture major Paulina Shahery sat down with two strangers — senior cinematic arts majors Jack Robbins and Andi Riveron. The three started joking around like old friends.

“I’m not vegetarian, but I just like the environment and the idea of this,” Shahery said. “And the food is so good — fresh and amazing — and there’s music. Incredible. I hope this stays a secret, kind of!”

“Use the small print,” Robbins quipped.

This sense of community is the true heart of the Good Karma Café, which strives to be more than the new vegetarian option on campus.

“We’ve noticed that this is one of the most communal hours of anyone’s week,” Soni said. “People sit next to complete strangers and have conversations with them and become friends. It’s not just a place to eat. It’s a place to commune, to converse, to reflect, to introspect. It’s a sanctuary outside of the busy urban existence that most of us lead. Listen to some music. Hear the waterfall. Smell the roses. Eat some fresh, healthy food. Hang out with friends. And you’re recharged and reenergized to go on with your day.”

The Gourmet Ashram

Dedicated to the Fine Art of preparing the highest quality gourmet foods, The Gourmet Ashram, the people behind the Good Karma Cafe, now make available their delicacies that were formerly only known to a fortunate few.

Sarvatma and Divya have been vegetarian gourmet chefs for nearly 30 years, catering to wealthy entrepreneurs, the academic world, and austere yoga retreats. Their cooking standards are counted among the highest. For the first time, their cooking skills are available to the public. Indulge yourself in some of the tastiest and healthiest treats available anywhere. A great majority of the ingredients we use are organic. We don’t use sulfured products, or refined sugars or flours.

Divya’s Almond Dressing got its roots in an ashram kitchen where it was prepared by monks with love and devotion. With a touch of innovation the dressing made its way to the tabletops of Divya’s friends and customers whom experienced seventh heaven upon tasting it! After repeated suggestions became persistent requests, Divya’s Almond Dressing is finally available to all!

Our Specials consists of Maple-sweetened oats with sliced almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds baked to perfection.

The Gourmet Ashram Now Offers Extraordinary Sweets That You Can Eat Without Guilt! If you are tired of treats that are good for you but don’t taste appetizing, or of those that taste great but are detrimental to your health, our natural and delicious sweets are exactly what you need.

See: The Gourmet Ashram

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