Feeding the survivors of Nepal – people and animals


Bhaktipur, Nepal — FOOD FOR LIFE Nepal distributed over 2,500 hot kichadi (bean, rice, vegetable stew) to children and adult survivors of the massive earthquake that hit the area on April 25th.

The places included Bolachenn, Golmadhi, Bhimsensthan, Saraswati School, Kamal Vinayak, Byasi, Jhaukhel and Bhaktapur Bus Park.


Even the dogs are getting food from the FFL volunteers

Food for Life Global has also donated to Animal Nepal and Tree of Compassion to help them continue their work of rescuing and feeding animals.

The Krishna monks also organized a condolence program at Bhaktapur Durbar Square in the evening for the people who lost their life in Bhaktapur. About 30 members of Food For Life Global lit candles and sang kirtan for the departed souls.

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Thank you to everyone praying and supporting this effort with donations.

Feeding the survivors of Nepal - people and animals

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