Food for Life Nepal serving the tastiest meals

May 1, 2015 – Bhaktipur — FOOD FOR LIFE NEPAL distributed hot meals to about 3,500 earthquake victims to new locations of Bhaktapur, one of the hardest hit areas. 

Meals were served at Yaacheen, Naagpokhari, Muni Bihar, Decocha, Golmadhi, Jagananth Mandir Tripura-sundari, Maha Laxmi and the Sarada school.

Food for Life Nepal volunteers are also distributing meals to the homeless and rescue workers.

One man told them: “We got Khichadi (bean, rice vegetable stew) being distributed by other organizations, but the taste of the Khichadi was like rice and daal mixed together. The Khichadi being served by ISKCON Food for Life Nepal is very delicious, nutritious and energetic.”


These villagers (above) were in desperate need of something to eat. According to one of our witnesses, they were searching for little grains of rice scattered in the ruins of their homes. The people were elated when we got there with some bags of rice.


Food For Life Nepal Volunteers distributing Meal at Teaching Hospital , Kathmandu


Food For Life Nepal Volunteers distributing Meal at Janamaitri Hospital (Earthquake victims ) , Balaju, Kathmandu

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