FFL Welcomes Creative Director of Vegan Education

Food for Global welcomes a new member to our volunteer team, 3D animator and vegan activists, Juan Faundez. Juan recently created the 3D version of Food for Life Global’s Prasadam Das and future plans are to bring Prasadam das to life with his own animation series.

Juan Faundez

fotoyoAmong his most important works for TV was art direction for “REVOLVER” (TVN) , “MALDITO AMOR” (Chilevisión), as well as FX and animation for the mystery series “MUNDOS PARALELOS” that were entered into the animation festival Viña in 2007 and 2008 .

Juan directed music videos for the  groups VENUS, LA POZZE LATINA and ALACRANIA, as well as create animations for the music video “CHANCHO EN PIEDRA” and “MONIK”, PRODIGY  and EU LIBRE.

PrasadamDas2014LOGO-72He did FX and 3D digital animation for the films “EL NOMINADO” and “CALEUCHE, El llamado del mar” and has worked for Paula Productions, Trimedia, Mambopost and Cinecolor (Chilefilms).

He is currently working on a personal 3D movie project “QUILTRO DEL FUTURO”.

To learn more about Juan’s fabulous services, visit http://www.jfaundez.cl OR email: contacto@jfaundez.cl


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