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Monday, 17 February, Bogota — Director of Food for Life, Paul Rodney Turner me one of the most powerful media men in Colombia, Mr. Jorge Cardona, the General Director of El Espectador, the company that manages all the leading magazines and the top newspaper in the country. Turner gave Mr. Cardona, a long time vegetarian, a copy of his book, FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul which he graciously received.

“At the beginning of our meeting, Mr. Cardona informed me that we had something in common (alluding to Paul’s time as a monk and student of the ancient Indian Scripture). “He then produced a copy of the original edition of the Spanish Bhagavad Gita. He told me it was the most important book he had ever read, explained Turner.

The one hour interview covered broad topics, including Food For Life’s history and activities, the science of food yoga, the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita, vegetarianism, nutrition and FFL’s unique solution to ending world hunger.


Turner explained that the no amount of money, laws, policies or even food can solve world hunger if one critical issue is not addressed: inequality. Food for Life therefore addresses the root cause of hunger by the liberal distribution of pure plant-based meals, with the intention to demonstrate that each and everyone of us are part of one human family. Turner explained that although Food for Life is now the world’s largest food relief organisation, it’s agenda is to use food to create the unity, peace and equal prosperity that is so needed in this world. The science of food yoga, as outlined in his new book, expands on these concepts with some practical guidelines to help all people to adopt the ideal peace diet.

Paul showed Mr. Cardona the four page article on his life that appeared in Australian Yoga Life last year.

Both agreed to meet again when returned returned to Colombia with a promise to cook him a delicious vegan dinner.

On the 23rd of February, Food for Life volunteers in Bogota plan to feed 300 of Bogota’s most needy  in celebration of its 40th year of service around the world.

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