“Are you an Angel?” – Food for Life Volunteers bring a Christmas smile in Colombia

Juliana helping children in Ecuador

Juliana helping children in Ecuador, earlier this year.

Food for Life Volunteers, Juliana Castaneda and Hema Kanti, with the help of a FFLG small grant, were able to serve a delicious vegan Christmas (prasadam) lunch to the elderly in the geriatric centre, Faith and Hope in Bogota, Colombia.

“Everything went beautiful,” explained Juliana. “There were so many happy faces. Christmas is a time to share and show your love and respect to all living beings. During the year I am usually caring for many animals at my shelter, but Christmas is a special time to show love to our human brothers and sisters.”

Juliana believes that sharing is the essence of a peaceful and humane world. “Whatever we have we should share with all living entities — human animals and nonhuman animals.”

“I feel so blessed to be able to serve others in this way. The food Hema and I served today was all vegan (non-violent) and prepared with love. I spend about 70% of my year sharing and trying to help nohuman animals, so for the remaining 30% I try to share and help human animals,” she said.

During the serving, one blind lady pulled at Juliana’s hand and asked her to come closer. Juliana leaned in and the lady began to touch her face and then said, “Oh, you are very beautiful and I can see that you are shinning.” Juliana replied, “What is shinning?” The blind lady continued, “I can see your wings! I’m blind, but I can see your wings are shinning, just like an angel.” Juliana quietly wept.

Juliana’s example of selfless service and equality for all beings is something Food for Life Global stands for.

To learn more about Juliana Animal Shelter, visit: https://www.julianasanimalsanctuary.org

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