Making an Online Thanksgiving Donation In 2021: How and Where?

Last updated on December 16, 2021
Paul Rodney TurnerPaul Rodney Turner

For many, the true spirit and meaning of Thanksgiving are just as much about giving back as they are about being thankful for what you have.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Thanksgiving season is one of the most popular times for donating to international charities and supporting your local community through volunteering.

In 2020, Thanksgiving has certainly looked a lot different from what we’re used to. Worldwide Covid-19 restrictions have prevented us from seeing our loved ones and sharing a good meal together, and while this year we’re all looking forward to getting back to much of our usual routine, there’s no denying that the nature of giving back has somewhat changed.

Online giving has become the leading giving method for generous donors looking to contribute to the well-being of their community. When it comes to international poverty relief charities, online donations have become a lifeline.

So, how can you do your part this Thanksgiving and make your holiday donations truly count for hundreds of families around the world?

Here are the best places to donate for Thanksgiving, whether you’re looking to donate food to those who need it the most or make charitable Thanksgiving donations online to support the causes close to your heart!

2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Donate to Charities Online

Where can I donate this Thanksgiving?

As our modern Thanksgiving day routines tend to center around food, many families choose to make their contribution by donating food to those who don’t have enough. 

There’s truly something special about making a donation of food during the Thanksgiving season, and you can be sure that your local food bank will help many struggling families around the country set their tables.

You can find a local food bank through the Feeding America network, research their drop-off information and operation hours, and give what you can afford to part with in a way that’s most convenient to you. Canned vegetables, instant mash potatoes, and cranberries are all items in demand during the Thanksgiving season. That said, make sure to check what types of items are most needed, and more importantly, what kinds of foods are healthier for the mind, body and the  planet!

Alternatively, you can choose to donate hot meals to communities in need both around the world and just outside your doorstep by donating online to an emergency food relief charity like Food for Life Global.

Throughout our many years in operation, we have provided over 7 billion meals to food-insecure communities in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia, and we will continue working hard to eradicate child hunger once and for all not only on Thanksgiving! 

When donating around the holidays you can be sure your Thanksgiving donation will be used to support a network of over 260 food relief projects around the world. This amplifies your impact and makes it count even more than a single food donation could.

How can I help the poor on Thanksgiving?

Over 30% of our food supply goes uneaten every year, so donating food to families in need during Thanksgiving is a highly effective, sustainable way of making a positive impact on both poverty and waste.

But there are many more ways to help the poor on Thanksgiving than just donating non-perishable items to a local food bank!

You could take part in a sponsored race aimed to raise funds for poverty and hunger relief operations, deliver Thanksgiving meals in person to those who are spending it alone or even spend your holidays volunteering in a soup kitchen or food bank.

Online giving or charitable contributions in memoriam are also highly effective and efficient ways to help those in need if you don’t have much time to spare, but have plenty of generosity you want to put to good use!

You can donate food for Thanksgiving to local food banks or make an online donation to Food for Life Global to tap into our U.S. network.

We’ll be serving nutritious meals all year round!

Food for Life has served over 7 billion meals worldwide, and its network includes over 200 food banks spread across the United States that work with food pantries and soup kitchens.

We reach communities all around the world by providing nutritious and sustainable plant-based meals, supporting families and children who have been affected by natural disasters and nationwide economic hardships, through and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Make an online donation today or get in touch with our team to find out how you can support our poverty and food relief goals!

You Can Help!
Support the important work of Food for Life Global to serve its international network of over 200 affiliates in 60 countries.
Food for Life Global is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 36-4887167. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.
Food For Life Global’s primary mission is to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure plant-based meals prepared with loving intention.

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