Food For Life Vrindavan Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Last updated on October 14, 2022
Kelsey SantiagoKelsey Santiago

Join us in acknowledging Food For Life Vrindavan, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. 


Since its start in 1991, the organization has been working in the Vrindavan area providing free meal distribution, cleaning and tree planting, paper recycling, organic farming, and sewing and embroidery centers which provide training and employment opportunities for village women. Primarily, FFLV runs schools providing free education, meals, skill training, and medical help to over 1500 girls in Vrindavan, India. 


FFLV is also leading the fight against child marriages in the Vrindavan community. They aim to keep girls in school until they are 18 to prevent early marriage. FFLV also encourages and supports girls to pursue university education if they chose. 


Currently, FFLV is providing necessary Vitamin D to families in Vrindavan. This will help them boost their immunity and also help reduce the elderly mortality rate by 20%. All of this is part of their continued effort to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 


With respect to the pandemic, FFLV has done an amazing job in their community. They were able to provide 500 food rations which included wheat flour, cooking oil, rice, lentils, salt, sugar, tea, masks, sanitizer bottles, and antiseptic soaps. Moreover, 130 Food Rations were distributed to workers in a Cow Shelter at Radhakund along with fodder for cows worth INR 1 Lakh. 


We are very thankful to all the sponsors, donors, and supporters of Food For Life Vrindavan for their generous donations towards the organization over the last 30 years. 


If you would like to continue to support the Vrindavan community, you can make a donation here


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