Butter Token Donates $54000 to FFL Global

Last updated on December 16, 2021
Paul Rodney TurnerPaul Rodney Turner

The Butter Token once again contributed a large percentage of their cryptocurrency charity wallet to  Food for Life Global, enabling the non-profit to serve almost 300k meals to children in need so far. Every two weeks, investors of the Butter Token vote on who gets the money and to date, their contributions have resulted in FFLG delivering delicious plant-based meals to exactly 282,736 kids!

"Just a few days ago, we received a donation of $54,000. This will help us provide over 200,000 meals to hungry children just through this single donation!" explained Paul Rodney Turner, president and cofounder of the Delaware Non-profit. 

Since the inception of Butter Token over a month ago, FFLG has received a total of $70,000 in donations. Overall, Milk and Butter LLC have donated nearly $400,000 towards FFLG and other food charities, including Action Against Hunger, and Mr. Beast Philanthropy.

Cryptocurrency might in fact offer a solution to world hunger.

Children eating food with a smile

How Is This Possible? 

Milk and Butter LLC collects 5% of all transaction fees of the Butter Token and allocates them to a secure charity wallet. Investors then vote on who gets those funds, and after the votes are tallied, the winning charities receive the money inside their cryptocurrency wallet on the Giving Block -- a secure platform where charities are vetted for authenticity.

In the case of Food for Life Global, those funds are then transformed into healthy vegan meals. Both tokens (Butter Token and its companion, Milk Token) operate with a focus on community giving, inspiring token holders to make real change in the world. 

Despite the name, the Milk and Butter token are a 100% vegan and do not in any way represent  the dairy industry or animal exploitation. With their continued help, FFLG just might end world hunger! 

A New Kind of Charitable Giving

Butter token has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with just a click of a button. We invite you to consider investing in this new form of currency that has charitable giving as a principle component of their tokenomics.

Please share this story and encourage your friends that may be more knowledgeable of cryptocurrency to learn more about Milk and Butter LLC.

Or become a donor to our charity the traditional rout and help us put healthy meals on children’s plates! Let’s tackle food insecurity in the most vulnerable communities across the globe while advocating for animal rights and the protection of our environment. 

Butter Token donations are proof that new technologies like cryptocurrency can be a cost-efficient, earth-friendly, and animal-friendly way to make a difference!

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