Year-End Donations to Children in Need

Last updated on December 16, 2021
Paul Rodney TurnerPaul Rodney Turner

Christmas is the time for giving back to those in need. We’re always delighted to receive lots of year-end donations because they fuel our mission to bring healthy vegan food to every child in the world. How do Christmas food donations work, and why is it so important to donate by December 31st? Let’s answer these questions together.

Why Is Donating a Good Thing? 

Christmas donations for kids will help those who are less fortunate experience holiday joy. As you donate to charities for children (such as FFLG), you’ll be a part of the bigger mission: ending child hunger. No Christmas present can beat this! Being a part of something greater will give you hope and happiness that you will bring with you into the coming year. 

Nothing can substitute for the healthy, nutritious meals that only you can provide for these kids. We’re just intermediaries that help you connect to the people in need. Let’s take our feed a child for a year program as an example. Our affiliate will make sure your donation goes only toward educating and feeding children, but you’re the one that can generate those benefits. Altruism and empathy are all you need to help people around you, especially during the holiday season. 

Health Benefits of Donations

People with very low income can’t afford healthy and nutritious food. Those who live in poverty often have to buy highly processed, affordable food, which can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. And undernutrition makes children more vulnerable to illness and can even lead to death! 

That’s why Food for Life Global has decided to use donations to only provide healthy food for kids. Christmas donations for children help us prepare and serve nutritious vegan meals and teach kids about the importance of a balanced diet. 

It’s much more important to provide food for Christmas than toys. Sure, every kid loves a toy, but hungry children would prefer a full belly on Christmas Eve over anything else! Healthy food will help these kids grow up to be healthy adults, which is the best gift you can provide for the less fortunate. Don’t you agree with the saying “a happy child is a well-fed child”? We believe that every child deserves to be well-fed and experience holiday joy to the fullest. 

Tax Deductions & Benefits 

At FFLG, we know that your motive for year-end donations is authentic altruism, but we also want to inform you about the tax benefits you can receive if you’re a US donor. Your Christmas donations for kids can be deducted from your income taxes, meaning you’ll lower your taxable income and might enter a lower tax bracket. 

Naturally, deductions are only possible if you donate to a qualified organization. Food for Life Global is a certified 501(c)(3) organization, meaning you can deduct every donation you make for feeding children healthy vegan meals. We’ll give you a tax receipt as proof of your donation so you can submit your tax returns more easily. 

Your Christmas donations for kids don’t have to be monetary. If you contribute property and assets, you can deduct their fair market value. This means you can receive additional tax benefits, such as avoiding capital gains tax. For example, you might have some cryptocurrency that you are considering donating. If you bought them for $100 and now they’re worth $500, you can deduct the entire $500 without paying taxes for the $400 gain. We accept different cryptos because we want you to have a lot of donation options. 

Note that in order to deduct the charitable donation from this year’s taxes, you need to make charitable contributions by December 31st. That’s why we highly encourage you to make a Christmas donation and help feed the kids nutritious meals this holiday season. 

How to Make Year-End Donations

Making charitable donations has never been easier. You just need to set the amount you wish to donate and click a couple of buttons. It’s very simple and quick, too. Your donation will be processed just in time to bring Christmas meals to children in need. 

Think About Budget

You won’t believe how big of a difference proper budgeting can have! If you’re able to save and donate just $10, you could provide 100 nutrient-dense meals to hungry children. Just make your holiday budget and make sure to stick to it. You can avoid unnecessary expenses and use that money for much-needed Christmas food donations instead.

More Support for Charities

Yes, your support matters! Don’t let anyone say otherwise. We use all year-end donations in the most efficient way possible to make and serve nutritious plant-based meals. Your support is of huge importance, whether it’s a monthly contribution or a one-time donation. We appreciate each of our donors because we couldn’t feed the kids without your help!

Think About Children and Their Future

Your Christmas food donations can do wonders for poor children. You can help feed and educate unfortunate kids and provide hope for their future. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Don’t wait any longer to donate money online or use other donation methods to make your contribution. This holiday season is the perfect time to join our vegan mission. Together we can end child hunger, preserve the wellbeing of animals, and save our environment!

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