Food for Life in Japan – Week 6

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Miyagi, Japan, May 22, 2011 — Just as small drops make up a large ocean, similarly, the efforts of a few selfless volunteers from Food for Life Japan to alleviate the suffering of the Japanese is growing beyond imagination. People from all walks of life are joining hands with Food for Life with a desire to offer their best service. “What we have seen in past few weeks is no less than a miracle,” explained Food for Life Global director for Japan, Shrikant Shah. “This endeavour is no longer limited to just one team, group or religious group. It truly is a community effort — families joining hands under one banner reaching out to help those less fortunate,” he explained. “Food for Life Global’s financial support, coming from donors from around the world, has also made a huge impact on our success,” he said.

Samosas, roti, veg curries and cake

Key Highlights

  1. A brand new mini-van (Suzuki-Every) donated by BAPS charity NewYork
  2. 47 volunteers from various locations, some as far as 150 Kms fromTokyo came to assist.
  3. A separate team headed out to Sendai to perform Kirtan.
  4. Donations and appreciation from Japanese firms, including the BAPS CHARITY from New York (from Swami Narayan Temple) who generously donated a brand new mini-van, “Suzuki-Every” to be used by volunteers in assisting the elderly at evacuation centres (FFLG Japan managed the legal transaction). And a Japanese firm, Mitsubishi Tote, donated 359 brand new hand bags for ladies staying the shelter in Wataricho (picture:
  5. A team of ISKCON devotee counsellors were invited by the local authorities to perform kirtan to rejuvenate the low moral of the people in three shelters in Sendai.

A total of 42 volunteers from Kofu, Okachimachi, and the Kasai/Nishi-kasai district came together for the program last weekend. Dinner was served to more than 1,000 people staying in three relief camps. The vegetarian dinner included roti (Indian flatbread), 3 vegetarian curries, samosas, mango lassi and a desert shahi tukda (Indian cake).

Yoga session before lunch

Once again, the elaborate meals were prepared by Govinda’s restaurant in Tokyo who have provided hot meals every week since the emergency relief started. A convoy of 9 cars and one refrigerated truck loaded with 1000 kg of vegetables travelled the hundreds of miles to the relief centres.  “These vegetables and fruits we give them will provide breakfast and lunch for the next three days,” explained Shah.

Govinda’s manager and FFL Japan volunteer, Manoj-San instructing other volunteers how to serve the lunch.

A special acknowledgement goes out to the various cooks and kitchen hands. 1,000 rotis were made by Baid Bhabhi, Neena bhabhi, SangeetaBhabhi, Nikita Mithal, Kavita Sonkiya, Arti Jain, Neha Choudhary, Priyankaji and Surya Restaurant. Manoj Bhandari san, Manoj Jain san ( Bunty san), Navneet Mehta san, Neeraj Kothari san, and Ajit Kumar san donated 150,000 JPY to make the mango lassi, samosas and snacks served at the Okuna Elementry school.

I can hardly wait to eat this…thank you.

The following volunteers helped in 1000 kgs loading fruits and vegetables: – Jatin Ji, Jagmohan Ji, Satish Ji, Bhavik Ji, Sandeep Pr Ji, SanjayPr Ji, Raghu Pr Ji,Sarwanji, and one volunteer from Okachimachi and one from Ojima joined in.

Anup Agarwal-ji sponsored food for two centers (3 curries, salad and desert), Hemant Pandyaji (Jewelex japan) sponsored fruits and worth  227,800 JPY, while four Japanese volunteers Kyoko san, Kazusan, Kaorisan,Yamazakisan conducted yoga sessions. As for today, Food for Life Japan has served hot meals to 4,600 people in Miyagi and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide breakfast and lunch for 16,500 people.


Shrikant Shah, FFLG Japan director (+81-90-1469-6129 or



An enormous effort is required throughout the whole cycle from preparation to distribution. Food for Life Japan is seeking help for driving, transportation, shopping, cutting vegetables, cooking, packing, distribution, cleaning, and donations in kind and/or cash. If you know of someone who can help, please alert them to the opportunities available. Finally, please pray for the affected. Sincere prayers are mighty then Tsunami and will always help. We welcome your suggestions or comments to further assist in this important service.


Emergency Relief

Donate to the Food for Life Global emergency fund to help FFLG coordinate disaster relief when the need arises. We are currently sending all emergency donations to Japan.


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