Calling for volunteers – Do you want to join our virtual staff?

Would you like to join our team? Our new office in the US is in need of some virtual volunteers. If you have the skills and the passion you can join our new virtual team of volunteers that help power FFLGA to serve needy children a delicious vegan meal. What are the Opportunities? CRM Expert We are setting up a new Zoho account and need assistance with that. If you are expert using CRMs or specifically with Zoho CRM, then we would love to have you join our team. Volunteer will help us set up the system to optimize donor management and cultivation. Apply Now SEO Expert We are in need of someone with SEO skills to go through our website and improve it. The first thing would be to run an SEO audit and then go through each area that needs fixing. The ideal person will have experience and references to share with us. Apply Now Social Media Marketing If you want to sharpen your skills in Social Media Marketing while also following your passion to help a good cause, we have the opportunity for you at Food for Life Global. We need people with experience to help promote and drive engagement on our Facebook page and Instagram. You will be expected to create inspiring memes and posts to encourage people to support the cause through advocacy or donations. Apply Now Grant writer Would you like to use your grant writing skills to help our non-profit raise funds to support our feeding, operations, and advocacy work? We are in need of 1 or 2 people to help us apply for grants. The job will include research and preparing template materials for future applications. We would prefer someone with experience and a proven a track record. Apply Now We look […]

Become a Food for Life Advocate

Food for Life Global is the world’s largest vegan food relief; in fact, we are the world’s largest food relief organization, eclipsing even the distribution of the United Nations World Food Programme. Our network of affiliates now serve up to 2 million meals daily — or over 1300 meals a minute; 23 meals per second! It is a monumental task cooking for so many people and yet day after day, our volunteers rise early to start cutting vegetables and cleaning rice so that meals can be ready to serve by lunchtime. Help us raise awareness You may not be able to directly participate in our feeding projects, but you can do a tremendous service to Food for Life Global by getting the word out to your friends. Please promote Food for Life Global through your social network. Select stories and pages on our site and share them with friends. Go to our Facebook Cause page and do the same. Post notes from our site on your Twitter account, or print and share our Poster. Click on the picture to download the PNG poster. So What is FFL’s Message? No advocacy campaign can succeed without a powerful, coherent message. A message that is at the same time logically persuasive, morally authoritative, and capable of evoking passion. A thoughtful and succinct message also enables an organization and its constituents to speak with a unified voice about specific social issues. Key Messages There are numerous things we’d like people to know about Food for Life. But the most important messages are as follows: Food for Life is the world’s largest vegan food relief with projects in more than 50 countries Food for Life Global affiliates serve 35 meals every second of the day All Food for Life meals are freshly cooked and highly nutritious […]

FFL in Ecuador

January 2012 — Winter season came to Ecuador bringing torrential rains and suffocating waves of heat. However, the radical weather patterns were not enough to deter the FFL volunteers from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Taking time out from their busy family lives and business, the volunteers consistently devote time to the service others. Over 500 people were waiting in the town of El Consuelo to experience the prasadam from Food for Life. The journey there from the FFL kitchen in Guayaquil takes almost two hours. Nonetheless, the volunteers enjoyed the spectacular scenery, watching the dramatic landscapes unfold before them, bedecked with flowers of all colors and lush green vegetation responding to the winter rainfalls. The journey took a little longer than anticipated and so some of the families went home. However, the FFL team immediately went to community leaders to announce from house to house of their arrival. Making use of the bells of a beautiful church, a large crowd once again gathered for lunch! Buckets of delicious vegan rice and lentil stew, pastries and herbal teas were being passed children and adults. The smiles and words of praise kept coming and mental images will last in our memory forever. The following week, hundreds of others were the beneficiaries of a traditional vegan rice and lentil stew, fried sweets, and aromatic teas, prepared just hours before by a group of enthusiastic FFL volunteers. Many members of the community and of other organisations join the FFL Ecuador team each week for the experience of distributing free vegan lunches. Some weeks, due to budget constraints, the FFL Ecuador team is only able to feed 300 people, but the joy of helping even a few people with a warm plate of food prepared with love is amazing! Our small gesture of kindness, melts the hearts of everyone and soon their love comes back […]

Food for Life in Ecuador

Food for Life volunteers have served hot vegetarian meals to school children and impoverished families for over 20 years in this South American country. Ecuador is a representative democratic republic in South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is one of only two countries in South America, along with Chile, that do not have a border with Brazil. The country also includes the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) west of the mainland. Recently, the FFL team visited some villages in Ecuador, where eager people waited patiently under tents to protect themselves from the blazing sun. As soon as the FFL van arrived, an announcement of their arrival went out over the public speaker system. The local neighbourhood church groups wearing yellow shirts, similar to FFL volunteers, began organising the gathering crowds and helping to set up distribution. While working under the hot tents, FFL volunteers perspired heavily serving the delicious lunch. However, “The satisfaction was reflected on the faces of everyone,” explains, volunteer Ekatma Das. “The people were so touched that we had gone out of our way to come to them with such delicious food. One lady told me, ‘We thought that no one cared anymore. Now we know differently. Thank you so much.’” Food for Life served hot rice with dhal, fried sweet dumplings and an aromatic vegetable curry. Ecuador Food for Life web site blog Ecuador FFL on Flickr (Photos: Gabriela)