Food for Life Rocks – Humanitarian Aid Concert

FOOD FOR LIFE ROCKS CONCERT with HUMANITARIAN CAUSE ‘AERODROM’ 40 YEARS 31.5.2019. / STADION ŠALATA, ZAGREB / CROATIA The Food for Life (FFL) European team from Slovenia has partnered with Croatian agency, Bit promotion and Yugoslavian rock celebrity Jurica Pađen to stage a series of humanitarian concerts in different parts of the region to help local FFL projects distribute vegan meals. The idea for a humanitarian concert was seeded by longtime friends, Jurica and Ales Erbeznik (president of Food For Life Europe). Jurica Pađen & Aerodrom celebrate “a 40 Year Career” with a concert called “Ordinary Love Songs” at the ŠRC Stadium on Šalata 31.5.2019 with the goal to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Food for Life Europe. With its many legendary hits, Aerodrom will recall the “golden age of a new wave” with timeless hits. During the 80’s-themed concert, Aerodrom will be assisted by musicians Alan Bjelinski, Ante Gelo, Nikša Bratoš, Borna Čop, and other surprise guests. The concert starts at 6 pm with DJ performances (new wave, 80’s), Nikola Marjanovic and Filmmusicorkestar kicking things off. Tickets Available here: 1 Ticket = 1 Free meal Related Article: Food For Life Rocks Concert Supporters: Social Media Jurica Pađen & Aerodrom: Airport TV: IG: Bit Promotion: IG:

Food for Life to Benefit from Vegan Reggae Festival

Food for Life Global the headquarters for the world’s largest network of vegan food relief projects and feedOM™, the kindness giving network is partnering with Go Vegan Radio to put on a Vegan Reggae Festival with headliner – Third World – celebrating 45 years as one of reggae’s most iconic legendary bands and Co-starring – The Movement and Yami Bolo. Featuring – Empress Akua, Prime Livity, Jah Mikey, Quinto Sol, Lamour & the Mystik Band, and Sensi Trails Every ticket purchased will feed 10 needy children via the feedOM™ mobile app that is managing the Output Measurable Guarantee (OMG), a social enterprise that facilitates socially-responsible companies in making a measurable social impact. “We are immensely proud to partner with Go Vegan Radio and be part of this unique event but more importantly, we are super excited to launch the new feedOM™ mobile app where festival goers can not only feed 10 children just by attending but can feed an additional 5 children just by downloading the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play,” said Paul Rodney Turner, the director and founders of both projects. SUNDAY, JULY 21st 12 NOON – 9 PM on the July 21st Liberty Station NTC Park, San Diego CA Bob Linden, the host of the Go Vegan Radio show and organizer of the event, said, “We are so proud to be able to feed 20,000 hungry kids! Just buy tickets and help us reach that goal! Every ticket feeds 10 nutritious vegan meals to hungry children via FeedOm™ and Food for Life Global We also invite you to bring non-perishable vegan food that we will collect for donation to the local food bank.” Super Mega Colossal Early-bird Tickets Only $20.19! Plus Fantastic Food, Mind-Blowing Speakers, and Fun for All Ages! Every Ticket Sold Feeds 10 Hungry Children! A very limited number of […]

Help us feed the migrant caravan approaching the US

We have just launched a GoFundme to support our affiliate in Mexico to provide freshly cooked vegan meals to the thousands of migrants approaching the US. Please consider supporting this effort, where $10 can feed about 20 people. Please help me reach the goal of $5000 to cover the cost of our team there. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary located in Chia, Colombia is the coordinating office for Food for Life Global projects in Latin America and they will be coordinating this effort and raising the funds to support it. Food for Life Global is the headquarters for a network of 211 projects serving over 1.5 million meals daily and recently served the 5 billionth meal. The Food for Life Mexico team is already cooking meals and will start distribution tomorrow, November 10. We estimate that the first caravan of people number around 5000, with 30% being children. If we can reach our campaign goal we believe we can feed the 2nd wave of migrants as well. UPDATE: Over 40,000 meals were served by the volunteers during a 4-week campaign.

Feed the World Week 2018

For the last 22 years, Food for Life Global has promoted and hosted Feed the World Week, inspired by the words of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who once said, “Invite the world, we can feed them.” The event was kickstarted during the 100th anniversary birthday of Prabhupada as a one-day event and it continued on to this day as a weekly event. During this week, Food for Life projects and supporters of Food for Life Global will do their best to extend their hospitality as much as possible to make sure that no one in their immediate vicinity goes hungry. Prabhupada is the inspiration behind the Food for Life project, for it was his desire that no one go hungry and that “everyone should get a chance to get prasadam…” Prasadam is a Sanskrit word that literally means mercy and specifically refers to plant-based food that has been offered in devotion to Krishna. At Food for Life Global, we make it a rule that our affiliate projects only serve prasadam to the public thus uniquely distinguishing our feeding program from the thousands of others in that we intentionally try to make our meals nourishing for the body, mind, and soul. Feed the World Week is as much about feeding as many people as possible as it is about sharing a message of unity. Food is the great uniter of all peoples and when food is prepared with a loving intention, offered in devotion and served indiscriminately it has the power to unite the world. This message of unity is perfectly explained and couriered in the food yoga tradition. The word yoga essentially means to unite and therefore food yoga is the art and science of using food as the medium to create a sense of unity among all living beings. To […]

An Exciting Future for Food for Life Global

Many of you are aware that I’ve been involved with Food for Life for 35 years now. My first service when I became a monk was preparing and serving meals to underprivileged at one of the first Food for Life projects in Australia. A lot has happened since then, including expanding into 60 countries and reaching a milestone of our 211 affiliates serving 5 billion free meals on May 15th this year. But what is our future vision for Food for Life? And how do we see our strategy solving world hunger? Some of you might have read this article I wrote many years back where I lay out our essential philosophy and strategy for solving world hunger. Essentially, we propose that the way to solve world hunger is by addressing the root cause — spiritual inequality — which has led to a greedy world where the abundant resources are not equitably distributed. Our vision for how we expect to achieve that goal, however, has taken on a new twist. Certainly, our fundamental activities of supporting our affiliates through grants, education, and training will continue, however, we have come to realize that in this age of corporatocracy where business rules everything, it behooves us to fight where the fight is taking place and bring Food for Life Global’s cost-efficiency and purity to the exciting and innovative world of blockchain. I am only going to tease you in this article and not release much more details. What I will tell you is that we are setting up a social enterprise, independent of the charity whose primary purpose will be to empower and fund Food for Life Global’s mission. If you would like to learn more about this social enterprise and hear about investment opportunities, you can join our mailing list.

Calling for volunteers – Do you want to join our virtual staff?

Would you like to join our team? Our new office in the US is in need of some virtual volunteers. If you have the skills and the passion you can join our new virtual team of volunteers that help power FFLGA to serve needy children a delicious vegan meal. What are the Opportunities? CRM Expert We are setting up a new Zoho account and need assistance with that. If you are expert using CRMs or specifically with Zoho CRM, then we would love to have you join our team. Volunteer will help us set up the system to optimize donor management and cultivation. Apply Now SEO Expert We are in need of someone with SEO skills to go through our website and improve it. The first thing would be to run an SEO audit and then go through each area that needs fixing. The ideal person will have experience and references to share with us. Apply Now Social Media Marketing If you want to sharpen your skills in Social Media Marketing while also following your passion to help a good cause, we have the opportunity for you at Food for Life Global. We need people with experience to help promote and drive engagement on our Facebook page and Instagram. You will be expected to create inspiring memes and posts to encourage people to support the cause through advocacy or donations. Apply Now Grant writer Would you like to use your grant writing skills to help our non-profit raise funds to support our feeding, operations, and advocacy work? We are in need of 1 or 2 people to help us apply for grants. The job will include research and preparing template materials for future applications. We would prefer someone with experience and a proven a track record. Apply Now We look […]

Help us Feed 100,000 Children with the Launch of our New NGO

Yes, we will feed 100,000 needy children if you help us reach $10,000 Background Food for Life Global was originally founded in 1994 and registered as a 501c3 in 1995 in Potomac, MD. In 2014, we moved our office to the Western European country of Slovenia. However, we’ve come to realize that to be most effective supporting our affiliates and regional representatives we need to establish regional offices. In pursuit of this new direction, we’ve recently re-established our presence in the US as Food for Life Global – Americas (FFLGA). This office will focus on the Americas (Canada, USA, Central and South America) and our Slovenian office will now become the Western European regional office. We are in the process of acquiring our 501c3 status but in the meantime, any donations to FFLGA will still be tax deductible in 2019. Our future plans are to open regional offices for Australasia, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Africa – Middle East. To date, Food for Life Global affiliates have served over 4.8 billion meals in 60 countries and our plan is to support this expansion so that hunger is totally eradicated from the planet. Right now we are calling on our supporters to help us kickstart this new office in the US and we have a special offer for you. Become a Founder Member Choose one of our founder member gold cards that are embedded with a pure gold ingot and feed thousands of needy children. However, every donation helps. So please dig deep and help us continue our important work. 100% of the donations will benefit Food for Life Global – Americas and our important service to expand pure food (prasadam) relief around the world. Thank you, Paul Rodney Turner Founder and President

A summary of my journey with FFLG

Paul Turner managing the serving of the 2 millionth meal in Sydney

Today, I want to share a summary of my journey with Food for Life Global. I started my career with Food for Life as a young monk in Sydney. I was 20 years-old when I got started and was one of the early pioneers of the project in the 80s in Australia. My big contribution back then was to demonstrate how effectively FFL was as a communications tool to inspire all kinds of people to participate in this service and assimilate its message of equality. I took a lead role in developing Food for Life in Australia and in 1991, I managed the celebration of the serving of the 2-millionth free meal in Sydney, where Clover Moore cut the cake. I launched the Food for Life International newsletter, writing it on my Mac+ computer, cutting and pasting photos, reproducing it on a copy machine, stapling pages together and then sending the newsletter out to ISKCON temples all around the world with my own money. In 1993, I left Australia as a monk and started lecturing and training others to start their own FFL project in Eastern Europe and Asia. During one travel stint I visited 44 cities in Eastern Europe in 2 months, lecturing morning and evening. in 1994, I settled in the US to establish the first-ever headquarters for what was then a grassroots operations in about 10 countries. Food for Life Global was originally founded by myself and my mentor, Mukunda Goswami in 1994 and registered as a 501c3 in 1995 in Potomac, MD. One of the first things I did was build a website in 1995, way before most larger companies had a presence on the web. Sadly, there are no records of that very early website but there are from as early as 1998 on the […]