Food for Life Nepal serving the tastiest meals

May 1, 2015 – Bhaktipur — FOOD FOR LIFE NEPAL distributed hot meals to about 3,500 earthquake victims to new locations of Bhaktapur, one of the hardest hit areas.  Meals were served at Yaacheen, Naagpokhari, Muni Bihar, Decocha, Golmadhi, Jagananth Mandir Tripura-sundari, Maha Laxmi and the Sarada school. Food for Life Nepal volunteers are also distributing meals to the homeless and rescue workers. One man told them: “We got Khichadi (bean, rice vegetable stew) being distributed by other organizations, but the taste of the Khichadi was like rice and daal mixed together. The Khichadi being served by ISKCON Food for Life Nepal is very delicious, nutritious and energetic.” These villagers (above) were in desperate need of something to eat. According to one of our witnesses, they were searching for little grains of rice scattered in the ruins of their homes. The people were elated when we got there with some bags of rice. Please continue to support this effort via the various places to donate: US Citizens Can donate through Food for Life Global, via our US Partner A Well-Fed World

Food for Life Nepal – 40,000 meals served so far

Kathmandu, Nepal – April 29, 2015 — Food for Life Nepal again got the opportunity to serve the needy in Kathmandu. Volunteers are doing all they can to reach as many people as possible, despite the challenging conditions. Teams are taking turns to cook and distribute hot vegan meals in shifts. “The meals are fresh and nutritious and the volunteers are putting in a full effort to service the victims,” reports Ram Tulasi das from Bhaktipur. “The more funds we can raise, the more we can serve these people! Please keep sharing your love, care and prayers to the people of Nepal. Please donate. Every dollar makes a huge difference. Nothing is too small.” Food for Life Nepal – a unique example of non-discriminating food relief ISKCON Nepal president, Rama Hari Das reports: “In Sankhu (16 km from Kathmandu), the houses along the road had been destroyed. The debris lay along the pavement of the road. There, the people were without food and shelter. When FFL volunteers went around distributing prasadam (blessed vegan meals), the people were highly appreciative of the non-discriminatory work done. They praised how this should be the standard for those who were willing to lend a helping hand. Anyone from any religious background or political background or any caste was freely given a healthy portion of prasadam. Upon inquiry, it was found that earlier members of the political parties had come to distribute blankets, packaged food and water, but they singled out their cadres and handed relief materials to them. We have not come across any other organization that has been providing hot meals to the victims of the earthquake. “As prasadam was being distributed in Patan, the volunteers came across a well-off family. Unfortunately their dwelling suffered extensive damage and were forced to reside on the road. They […]