Crowdfunding campaign launched to save sanctuary

Longtime Food for Life Global volunteer, Juliana Castaneda Turner founded and operates the ONLY animal sanctuary in Colombia. She is on a quest to secure a permanent home for the 70 rescued animals under her care, and with this, offering people a chance to invest in an exciting new chapter in the sanctuary’s history. “We absolutely must raise the funds somehow or other to make sure the animals are safe forever”, she explains. “Every donation, even $10 is a huge help.” The project has a real plan for sustainability and we are very excited to share this campaign with you. See campaign here A History of Success Some of the animals we’ve saved include Balaram the bull, whose mother jumped a fence from a dairy farm to come to our land to have him. So from that day, I became his “mother.” This story was featured in The Dodo.  There was also the story of how we saved Pola the pig. She was in a horrible situation being harassed by hungry dogs, but today she is happy at our sanctuary, as nicely reported on by Care2 And then there is the touching story of Bernie the bull calf and Sri Ram the puppy as reported by The Dodo. Also, INSIDE EDITION just did a video report here. PLEASE VISIT THE CAMPAIGN NOW AND GET INVOLVED

FFL Affiliate partners with McCartney’s Meat-free Monday Campaign


Paul McCartney is famous for his vegetarian advocacy, helping numerous non-profits get their message out, however, in 2009, Paul and his two daughter’s Mary and Stella decided to take their passion to the next level and launch a Meat-free Monday campaign across the United Kingdom. The campaign caught the attention of numerous Hollywood celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Keven Spacey, and Woody Harrelson, as well as food celebrity Jamie Oliver and Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Nearly 1 million people have pledged to follow the campaign’s objective of a meat-free Monday. Juliana Castaneda Turner, founder of Juliana’s animal sanctuary has been a lifetime fan of McCartney and was pleasantly surprised when she got the approval to represent the campaign in Colombia.  “My objective with this sanctuary is to teach people by example that all animals deserve love and respect and so representing the Meat-free Monday campaign fits perfectly with our education outreach plans,” she explained. The Plight of Farmed Animals  The campaign sheds light on the fact that billions of animals are farmed and killed for meat each year. Most of them are raised in intensive factory farms, in cramped, overcrowded cages, sheds and pens. With no room to stretch limbs or wings and no access to daylight or fresh air, intensively reared animals are often diseased, injured and dying due to the unnatural conditions they are kept in. Farmed animals are subjected to mutilations such as having their beaks clipped, their teeth pulled out and their tails docked to stop them from pecking and wounding each other through boredom and frustration. All farmed animals end their lives with a brutal death at the slaughterhouse. Eating less meat is a compassionate step that helps prevent cruelty and suffering. Juliana’s Lifelong Passion to help Animals It has been more than 10 years […]

Food for Life featured in main Newspaper in Colombia

Paul Rodney Turner, director of Food for Life Global. (c) 2014 El Espectador

Mission: Food for Life Source: El Espectador, 13 April, 2014 Paul Rodney Turner said that the country [Colombia] has the most nutritious fruits and vegetables in the world. The food relief program is in 60 countries. In 1974, in Calcutta, India, the spiritual master Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness saw a group of children in his village fighting for food scraps with stray dogs. “No one within 10 miles of our temples should go hungry,” he told his students that day. So was born the Food for Life Global organization (FFLG), now the world ‘s largest plant-based food relief, with hundreds of volunteers in 50 countries delivering over three million free meals daily. That initial act of compassion soon spread beyond the borders of India, inspiring Krishna devotees to start a project in a small a kitchen in Sydney, Australia. Paul Rodney Turner has been a volunteer for the organization since 1984. He first went to live a solitary life in the blue mountains of Sydney at age 19, and then chose to became a monk for 14 years and dedicate himself to meditation and the study of India’s ancient spiritual teachings. In 1995, he established Food for Life Global to spread the project throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, mitigating hunger with vegan food and the support of thousands of spontaneous helpers ready to serve. His first arrived in Colombia in August 2013 and he now plans to stay. Not only because he is convinced that the fruits and vegetables of the country are extraordinary and nutritious, but also because one of the charity’s main volunteers and his fiancé, Juliana Castaneda is Colombian. They met during the development of the project in Bogota. Juliana also manages an animal sanctuary in Guasca (Cundinamarca) called Paramatma […]

Food for Life feeds poorest kids in Colombia


After their last distribution to a nursing home, Food for Life volunteers, Juliana Castaneda (Jaggy) and Hema Kanti decided to create a slightly larger event. The response they got from the local people was overwhelming. January 15, 2014 , Bogota, Colombia — “Up until early 2013, I had been doing this free food distribution all by myself for the last 8 years,” explains Juliana. “Hema Kanti has been a tremendous help and this most recent event just blew us both away!” Juliana created an event on Facebook and to her surprise more than 40 people offered to help within a few hours of it being posted. “At first I thought this was not something I should take seriously; social media can sometimes create false hope, but these people really took it seriously and I started getting messages asking me what needed to be done.” Juliana immediately began delegating tasks, and each task was not only carried out perfectly, but she found the volunteers actually improving on them. All the volunteers had a specific service and they relished it. “I had never seen so much enthusiasm in my country when I had tried to make food distribution before. Times are changing!” she said. “Because we were going to a poor children’s home, volunteers decided to bring notebooks, pencils, and everything the kids needed to help in their education. Other volunteers printed flyers to speak to the kids about a healthy diet, and our talented artist volunteer Juan Faundez from Chile, shared his amazing graphics about caring for animals and having respect and love for all living beings,” she explained. At 8am, all the volunteers assembled at the local vegan kitchen, “Comida Rapida Vegana,” owned by one of the volunteers Niyi Gil. Juliana said she learned a powerful lesson that morning: “I learned what a […]

“Are you an Angel?” – Food for Life Volunteers bring a Christmas smile in Colombia

Juliana helping children in Ecuador

Food for Life Volunteers, Juliana Castaneda and Hema Kanti, with the help of a FFLG small grant, were able to serve a delicious vegan Christmas (prasadam) lunch to the elderly in the geriatric centre, Faith and Hope in Bogota, Colombia. “Everything went beautiful,” explained Juliana. “There were so many happy faces. Christmas is a time to share and show your love and respect to all living beings. During the year I am usually caring for many animals at my shelter, but Christmas is a special time to show love to our human brothers and sisters.” Juliana believes that sharing is the essence of a peaceful and humane world. “Whatever we have we should share with all living entities — human animals and nonhuman animals.” “I feel so blessed to be able to serve others in this way. The food Hema and I served today was all vegan (non-violent) and prepared with love. I spend about 70% of my year sharing and trying to help nohuman animals, so for the remaining 30% I try to share and help human animals,” she said. During the serving, one blind lady pulled at Juliana’s hand and asked her to come closer. Juliana leaned in and the lady began to touch her face and then said, “Oh, you are very beautiful and I can see that you are shinning.” Juliana replied, “What is shinning?” The blind lady continued, “I can see your wings! I’m blind, but I can see your wings are shinning, just like an angel.” Juliana quietly wept. Juliana’s example of selfless service and equality for all beings is something Food for Life Global stands for. To learn more about Juliana Animal Shelter, visit: