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Crowdfunding campaign launched to save sanctuary

Longtime Food for Life Global volunteer, Juliana Castaneda Turner founded and operates the ONLY animal sanctuary in Colombia. She is on a quest to secure a permanent home for the 70 rescued animals under her care, and with this, offering people a chance to invest in an exciting new chapter in the sanctuary’s history. “We absolutely must raise the funds somehow or other to make sure the animals are safe forever”, she explains. “Every donation, even $10 is a huge help.” The project has a real plan for sustainability and we are very excited to share this campaign with you. See campaign here A History of Success Some of the animals we’ve saved include Balaram the bull, whose mother jumped a fence from a dairy farm to come to our land to have him. So from that day, I became his “mother.” This story was featured in The Dodo.  There was also the story of how we saved Pola the pig. She was in a horrible situation being harassed by hungry dogs, but today she is happy at our sanctuary, as nicely reported on by Care2 And then there is the touching story of Bernie the bull calf and Sri Ram the puppy as reported by The Dodo. Also, INSIDE EDITION just did a video report here. PLEASE VISIT THE CAMPAIGN NOW AND GET INVOLVED

The teachings of Saint Francis are alive and well

There are basically two distinct schools of Christian thought: The Aristotelian-Thomistic school and the Augustinian-Franciscan school. The Aristotelian-Thomistic school teaches that animals are here for our pleasure—they have no independent purpose.  We can eat them; torture them in laboratories – whatever we feel is necessary for our survival. Most modern Christians embrace this form of their religion. And sadly so do most people these days. We live in a very cruel and uncaring world, where animals are routinely slaughtered in the millions every day, with an estimated 150 BILLION being killed annually.  The Augustinian-Franciscan school, however, teaches that all living beings are brothers and sisters under God’s fatherhood. This is similar to the teaching of the great saint Sri Chaitanya, revered as an incarnation of Krishna by the Vaisnava tradition. Like Saint Francis before him, he also spoke to animals and even danced with tigers in the Jarikanda forest of India.  St. Francis felt a deep kinship with all of creation, addressing it as a “brother” or “sister,” firmly believing that everything came from the same creative Source. While Sri Chaitanya taught that all living beings are spiritually equal, but due to karma they appeared in one type of body or another for the time being. “All souls were evolving through different species,” he said. Saint Francis’ great compassion and respect for the animal world also manifest in his expression of hospitality during Christmas (1223): And on Christmas Eve, out of reverence for the Son of God, whom on that night the Virgin Mary placed in a manger between the ox and the ass, anyone having an ox or an ass is to feed it a generous portion of choice fodder.  And, on Christmas Day, the rich are to give the poor the finest food in abundance. Indeed, St. Francis’ respect for […]

PAWS – the newest affiliate of FFL Global


Food for Life Global is happy to welcome the latest of it’s affiliates, the Perth-based non-profit PAWS. “David Reynolds (below), director of PAWS approached me to partner with FFLG and after observing the work they are doing we were more than happy to collaborate,” said Paul Turner, director of FFLG. Turner visited the organization before heading out of Australia on an FFLG world tour to help expand the charity’s work. He visited the PAWS vegan cafe, the hub of PAWS projects, that include feeding the homeless, community gardens, animal welfare, temporary shelter for humans, and health and nutrition services, etc,. “I believe PAWS is a model for other non-profits in the vegan/vegetarian sector,” says Turner. “We are very hopeful for this new alliance and look forward to supporting David and his terrific group of helpers and learning from their success so that we can share it with our other partners.” One of the biggest supporters of PAWS is the local “birdman” Joel Cornwell who has been supplying fruits and vegetables for the PAWS cafe and relief projects for years. “Joel manages to get us just about everything we need to make our meals for people and through his efforts we are able to keep our costs down and even offer free meals to anyone that cannot afford to eat at our cafe,” explained Reynolds. To help PAWS or get involved visit their web site: About PAWS PAWS, People & Animal Welfare Society Inc is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation established 19th of April 2000. Our Vision The PAWS vision is a society wherein humans and non-human animals can coexist peacefully without the threat of cruelty, exploitation or untimely death. PAWS envisions increasing numbers of ethically responsible people living with a deep sense of purpose for the betterment of society and the sustainability […]