Affiliate Seal

All bonafide Food for Life Global affiliate projects must comply with the proper standards of charitable conduct as outlined below. By doing so, they are entitled to use the FFL Global Affiliate Seal on all their public communications.

The fundamental objectives for Food for Life Global’s Affiliate Seal are:

  • Protection of the public against fraud, misappropriation of funds and misleading conduct by those collecting on behalf of Food for Life;
  • The need to ensure that donors have access to accurate information concerning collections and the use of funds raised in the name of Food for Life;
  • The need to ensure that Food for Life projects follow acceptable practices in their efforts to attract donations.

FFL Global Code of Ethics

  • To provide a means of self-regulation for Food for Life projects.
  • To establish standards for the conduct and management of charitable collections in the name of Food for Life *.
  • To ensure that funds or goods collected in the name of Food for Life are directed for the purpose for which they were collected.
  • To provide reassurance to the donating public concerning Food for Life collections.
    *Also known as Food for Life, Food for All, Hare Krishna Food for Life or Food for Life Global

FFL Affiliates Financial Responsibilities:

The finances of a Food for Life Global Affiliate shall be conducted in such a way as to assure appropriate use of funds and accountability to donors. Contributions given to a Food for Life project shall be used as promised or implied in the fundraising appeal or as requested by the donor. If funds cannot be spent this way, they shall be returned to the donor, or the donor shall be advised of the planned alternative use and given the opportunity to request a return of the contribution. Food for Life Global Affiliates shall substantiate, upon request, that their application of funds is in accordance with donor intent or request. Resources shall not be used as instruments of partisan influence or personal gain. Food for Life Global does not endorse any street fundraising. Failure to comply with the above standards shall mean immediate disqualification from Food for Life Global’s affiliate network and use of the FFL Global Affiliate Seal. The public is encouraged to check the authenticity of all Food for Life projects and any persons collecting in the name of Food for Life. Food for Life Global Head Office: + 1-888-855-3985

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