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A mad, mad world. How to end the Violence and Suffering?


With ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan and violence now overflowing in Venezuela and about to explode in Ukraine; and with Hollywood action movies and the latest video games spilling blood all over the screen, it is no wonder that those looking from the outside in, are  so desensitised by all the madness and escalating violence in the world today. But violence in the real world hurts deeply. Ask any mother that has had to deal with their child losing an arm or a leg from a land mine explosion, or a father that has lost his young son to a war against an unknown enemy. It hurts deeply. Every day we see violence posted on Facebook timeline feeds; whether it is violence against humans or innocent animals, violence is violence and it hurts deeply all those connected with the victims. Why is there so much violence and hate in the world and how can we convert this hate energy to something more loving and beneficial? Look at this picture published by the Guardian the other day. Beirut (AFP) – Gaunt, ragged figures fill the streets for as far as the eye can see in the besieged Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmuk outside Damascus, where some 40,000 are said to be slowly starving to death. The United Nations distributed shocking images this week of thousands of people, their faces emaciated, desperately flocking to receive food aid that only a few were lucky enough to collect. The walls of “isms” that keep us weak and divided John Lennon famously asked us to imagine a world with no religion, no possessions and no countries, and all the people living life as one. “It’s easy if you try,” he sung. The essence of his message was that all these material things […]