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Typhoon Haiyan Relief – Update from Food for Life


UPDATE – Eight Food for Life volunteers from Manilla left on Nov 11 by land transport to Legaspi city and then took a two-day boat ride to Samar. The delays were due to many other charitable groups all moving in the same direction trying to help out. Volunteer director, Balarama das, explained, “It is very dangerous because people are becoming wild and desperate due to hunger and trauma.” Another group of Food for Life volunteers from Manila are prepared to leave as soon as possible. Food for Life Emergency Relief Coordinator for the Philippines, Radha Lila said, “Our support team in Manilla are trying to raise funds locally while Food for Life Global, The Lotus Trust and other Filipino people are trying to help us raise abroad. “The main issue with the relief endeavour is transportation. Our present Food for Life vehicle that we use for our daily feeding in Manila is unreliable for long distance travel. “I have approached Indian Chamber of Commerce, as they have a connection with the C-130 (Army officials) who has been helping them to transport their collective donations of ready-to-eat-food, however, the director of the Social Charity department informed me that there is currently no transportation available. “I have also sent a letter of request to the Red Cross to loan us a 6×6 wheeler truck and they approved, but all their trucks have already been deployed 2 days ago. It is desperate times here and transportation is a critical part of a successful relief effort, but so far we are not having much luck.” The Plans Food for Life will set up 5 camps in different affected areas to feed 2 meals per day to a minimum of 2500 people in each camp.
 There will be continuous supply of produce and grains from […]