A Food for Life Hero

Mahasringha Das is a legend in many parts of the world, especially in the villages surrounding Mayapur in India, where he has been cooking and serving hundreds of thousands of impoverished Bengali’s for 17 years. I have known Mahasringha for 18 years when I first came across him in Poland. He was a legend then, cooking a feast for 400 people in a kitchen one could barely stand in and then serving the delicious meal to hungry people on the streets of Warsaw. To my amazement, as soon as he completed this monumentus task day in day out, he would throw a bag over his shoulder containing Indian scripture and would spend the next 3 hours sharing what he had read that morning. A few years later he found himself in India. His apartment kitchen was replaced by a hole in the ground and his spice rack by the fresh herbs and spices growing in the forests where he worked. Hauling huge cast iron woks onto these holes he would start a wood fire and cook what the village people considered, “Food of the Gods.” Over time, he trained the men, women and children to assist him in the cooking so that together they could feed more and more people. It was not uncommon for thousands to gather to experience these free vegetarian feasts. Following the tradition, Maha would encourage the Bengali villagers to sing with him before and after the feast, transforming the once sedate village scene into a veritable festival of food and dance. Mahasringha couldn’t contain his enthusiasm to share the love in his heart, so for 3 – 4 months of the year he would travel outside of India to Europe, Middle East, USA and Canada sharing the culture of spiritual hospitality he had become so […]