Food for Life Global Moves headquarters to Green City Capital, Ljubljana

Food for Life Global has officially moved its headquarters to the green city capital of Ljubljana, Slovenia and this is the story behind the move. Background Food for Life Global was established in the United States as a registered non-profit in the state of Maryland in 1995. The charity’s initial objective was to simply serve as a communications office for Hare Krishna Food for Life projects around the world and to provide training and guidance. “Back then, Food for Life was a small player in the world of food relief,” explained Paul Rodney Turner, director of the organization. “We had some projects in India, USA, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and most Western European countries, but Eastern Europe was just getting started. The programs were all rather small, and I think our capacity back then was around 60,000 meals a day.” Today the network of affiliates expands the globe and now includes projects all over Asia, the former soviet union and many parts of Africa and South and Central America. “We are pretty much everywhere these days, although some projects are very small in comparison to our larger and more sophisticated projects in India, where it all started,” he said. Food for Life Global’s principal affiliate in India is The ISKCON Food Relief Foundation that is a separately registered non-profit organization from the Hare Krishna movement in India. Their Food for Life Annamrita project now feeds over 1.3 million school children daily and it is constantly expanding. Other projects around the world serve many hundreds of thousands of meals daily, substantiating Food for Life Global’s claims that the international network serves around 2 million meals daily! How the Mission Evolved Over the years, the mission of the organization expanded to include, fundraising and emergency coordination, and, more importantly, to promote […]

Director of FFLG meets with Slovenian Secretary of State

May 7, 2015, Ljubljana –– Director of Food for Life Global, Paul Rodney Turner met with the Slovenian Secretary of State, Mr Tadej Slapnik to discuss ways to collaborate. Mr Slapnik is responsible for establising dialogue with civil socieites and coordinating civil and social entrepreneurial initiatives.  Food for Life Global will be opening a worldwide headquarters in Ljubljana and seeks cooperation and support with the Slovenian Government, including sharing good practice and supporting the government’s Food Surplus, Zero Waste initiative. In this regard, a Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network (www.fsenetwork.org) was established by the European community that brings together social entrepreneurs fighting food waste.  Turner also spoke of Feed the World Week (October 15-22) & Food for Life Global’s plans to host a “Feeding the 5000” event on October 15 together with Feedback Global and Ekologi brez meja. He asked if Slovenian Prime Minister Dr. Miro Cerar could open the event in Ljubljana at Congress Square by serving the first meal. Food for Life’s local affiliate is currently operating a Healthy Meals for Socially Depriviledged program and hopes to partner with the Ministry for Health. Later this year, Food for Life Slovenia will launch a Meat Free Monday Campaign. Mr. Slapnik has been instrumental in starting and launching several social enterprises, worker cooperatives and several other initiatives of social entrepreneurships in Slovenia. He collaborated in the preparation of the national Strategy for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship 2013-16 and the plan for its execution. He is the founder and secretary general of the internationally operating Slovenian Forum of Social Entrepreneurship. He also follows the development of various initiatives in the field of youth entrepreneurship and other vulnerable social groups.