Food for Life in Japan – Week 7 & 8

May 29, Miyagi, Japan — Food for Life Japan continued to provide sumptuous vegetarian meals to survivors of Japan’s worst natural disaster. Despite the heavy rains, 34 volunteers travelled the arduous distance to the shelters to serve sandwiches, soups, pasta, cakes, chips, cookies, and orange juice, along with 1,200kg of fresh fruits and vegetables. The latest efforts were jointly sponsored by the Indian Jewelry and Diamond association, Jatin Patel, Samir Bodhe, Jishad Abubacker, Nalnish Agarwa and Aravind Mohonaram. The Hare Krishna Govinda’s restaurant team have been providing the hot vegetarian meals for all seven weeks. Photos: http://tinyurl.com/ffl29may June 5th, Miyagi, Japan — One of the most hectic weeks for Food for Life Japan, but more than 800 people received a delicious lunch, consisting of two vegetable curries, roti, salad, juices and snacks, along with another truckload of fresh fruits and vegetables. To date, more than 5400 people have been served a hot dinner and over 24,000 people have been served with breakfast and lunch via Food for Life Japan’s donation of fruits and vegetables. The meals were sponsored by Navin Sonak of the Sekaiboeki company and Mr. Jaju Ji of Recon Gems. Once again, ISKCON’s Govinda’s restaurant provided the hot meals. HOW YOU CAN HELP An enormous effort is required throughout the whole cycle from preparation to distribution. Food for Life Japan is seeking help for driving, transportation, shopping, cutting vegetables, cooking, packing, distribution, cleaning, and donations in-kind and/or cash. If you know of someone who can help, please alert them to the opportunities available. Finally, please pray for the affected. Sincere prayers are mighty then Tsunami and will always help. We welcome your suggestions or comments to further assist in this important service. ONLINE DONATIONS Donate directly to Food for Life Japan Donate through Food for Life Global – Emergency Fund (tax deductible […]

Food for Life in Japan – Week 5

  Sunday, 15th May 2011 (Wataricho, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan) — Last Sunday was one of biggest Food For Life relief efforts since the Tohoku Mega-Disaster in Japan. A sumptuous prasadam dinner was served to 980 people at three relief-camps. In addition, over 1000 kilograms of fruits and vegetables were provided for breakfast meals for 1,375 people over next three days. FFL Global Director, Shrikant Shah said, “These results were possible through tireless efforts of 41 volunteers from Food for Life, Agrawal Association Japan, Hindi Sabha, and the Tokyo Maheshwari Group who worked throughout the day and drove over 800 kms in a convoy of 8 cars and one truck!”   Shah, also explained that the planning and co-ordination of these services has itself been enormous. “We start planning on the following Monday for the next Sunday effort. It requires a whole week of careful coordination and planning. We are especially thankful for Akhilesh Ji for his help in this regard.” A told of six food stalls were setup at the three shelters. The dinner consisted of two hot vegetarian curries (Chickpea masala curry and Paneer masala curry), fresh salad, home-made Thepla (Masala-flatbreads) and a wholemeal cookie. To the delight of all, a special sachet of Organic Tulsi Ginger tea (Caffeine FREE) was served.   “The dinner was relished by everyone and many requested for “O-kawari” (second helpings) of the curries,” explained volunteer coordinator, Madhu Mangal. In serving these delicious meals, Food for Life volunteers try to be as sensitive to the feelings of the Japanese people, many of whom are still in a state of shock and depression. “We do our best to engage in positive conversations with them and also try to play with the children to uplift their spirits,” explained volunteer, Tapasvini Dasi. Other volunteers included residents from […]

Food for Life in Japan – Week 4

May 8th, Sunday (Miyagi, Japan) — FFL Global in Japan once again served two delicious vegetarian curries, paratha (flatbread), salad, cakes, and hot rice to more than 550 Japanese survivors in Miyagi. The program was sponsored by IJAJ (Indian Jewelry Association of Japan). “Our plan is to continue this effort unabated,” said FFL Director for Japan, Shrikant Shah. “Next week we plan to deliver hot meals for 700 people, along with 1,500 kgs of fresh fruits and vegetables, including Oranges (600 pieces), Apple (600 pieces), Grapefruits (600 pieces), Bananas (1,000 pieces), Mikan (600 pieces), Kiwi (300 pieces), Lettuce (100 pieces), Cucumber (30 kg), Spinach (100 packs), Cabbage (100 pieces), Tomatoes (720 pieces), and Cauliflower (100 pieces).” “The Agarwal Group and Hindi Sabha Group have already pledged to support this large task next week,” said Shah. “However, in order to keep this momentum, we are appealing for more people to come forward and sponsor Food for Life’s work.” Once again, Hari-san and Manoj-san from Govinda’s restaurant in Tokyo were key players in last Sundays effort, providing the curries and rice. “The curries were so tasty, that people kept coming for second helpings,” explained Shah. The hundreds of masala paratha (flatbreads) were meticulously prepared by volunteers from the Okachimachi community. The delicious desserts and salad were prepared by FFL volunteer, Yamuna Dasi and others. Kaori-san and Ishigaki-san once more conducted Karada yoga to help the Japanese survivors deal with stress. Suresh, Purnima, Jatin, Mitesh, and Sachin Kalse provided vehicles for the more than 25 volunteers. The local radio station (FM RADIO 92.5) attended the feeding and interviewed the organisers. Other volunteers included: Sanjivji Gupta, Rashmiji, Suresh, Kaori-san, Ishigaki-san, Sachin-san, Ram-san, Reddy-san, Jatin, Manoj-san, Navneet-san, Mitesh, Brijesh, Purnima, Nilaji, Manoj-san, Julie, Joseph, Rakesh and Hetal. HOW CAN YOU HELP? An enormous effort is involved in procuring, preparing, and distributing the food. Food for Life Japan […]

Food for Life in Japan – Week 2

April 24, 2011, Miyagi, Japan — Food for Life Global affiliate FFL Japan provided over 1000 kgs of fresh fruits and vegetables on Sunday to shelters in Wataricho Shiyakysho in the Miyagi-ken district. To make the food a special offering to the people of Miyagi, on Saturday, the volunteers first unloaded the produce in front of the ISKCON Cultural Centre altar and offered prayers so that the food would be blessed and purified. “We call this high energy food,” said temple president, Naganatana Das. “By doing this the food becomes nourishing for body, mind and soul, he explained.” The 1000 kgs of produce was then loaded back onto the truck in preparation for the long 5 hour drive the following morning. Mr. Fujita-san and Mr. Murata-San arose early in the morning to drive the produce to the shelters passing by the edge of the radiation zone along the way. FFL Director for Japan, Shrikant Shah, talks about the food distribution. FFL Global YOUTUBE CHANNEL Week 3 Plans “We plan to provide cooked meals for 726 people at two of the shelters when we go next Sunday,” said FFL Global director for Japan, Shrikant Shah. “Our aim is to continue this effort for the next 6 weeks and hopefully beyond,” he explained. The task of acquiring so much produce, purifying it and then making the long treck to Miyagi every Sunday is a huge task for this small group of volunteers. Food for Life Japan is a very small NGO with only a handfull of fulltime volunteers. “Most of the help is coming from members of the Indian business community who are donating money and their valuable time to keep the effort going,” said Volunteer coordinator Madhu Mangala Das. “Even their children are getting involved.” Last Sundays efforts were supported by donations from Food […]

“They were so happy!” – Food for Life in Japan

APRIL 17th – Miyagi prefecture, Japan — Food for Life Global affiliates ISKCON Japan and Govindas Restaurant with the generous support of international and local donors embarked on a 5 hour car ride from Tokyo to five refugee shelters in North Eastern Japan. Cooks from the Govindas restaurant in Funabori (Tokyo) began cooking around 3.30am. At 5.30am a convoy of three SUVs filled with cooked food and fresh fruits and vegetables, left Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant, finally arriving at the first of five shelters in the Miyagi prefecture around 11am Sunday morning. Distribution took place in the towns of Iwanuma, Watari and Natori which are all located in Miyagi prefecture. “The people were so happy to receive the meal,” explained volunteers Purnima Shah and Arati Doshi. At most of the refugee shelters around Japan a typical meal consists of rice and miso soup. Food for Life’s tasty vegan curry, salad, snack bars, and bread was a welcome change. Along with the cooked lunch, over 800 kgs of fresh fruit and vegetables were also donated including, lettuce, ninepin, daikon radish, carrots, potatoes, Green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, negi, ko negi, ingen, chingensai, horensou, shunpike, mizuna, reckon, satsumaimo, cabbage and 20 boxes of tomatoes, 600 bananas, 300 apple, 300 oranges and 200 grapefruits. Some of the shelters also received face masks, goggles, toiletries, and other personal products. Donations for the relief efforts came from: Food for Life Global 400,000 Yen Anup Agrawal 200,000 Yen Raghupati Rapelli 10,000 Yen Shrikant and Purnima Shah 161,000 Yen Sailesh and Arati Doshi (Fruits and vegetables) Vaisheshika Das 58471 Yen Sukhada Devi 16766 Yen Nirmal Yoga studio: 46000 Yen Vancha Atita Das (Hide Azuma): 10000 Yen FFL Volunteers from Tokyo included: Madhumangal Das, Shrikant and Purnima Shah, Bhaktavatsal Das, Sailesh and Arati Doshi, Hide San, Chihiro Mataji, Nakamura San, […]