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A relatively new affiliate of Food for Life Global is the Food for Life Hong Kong (FFLHK) project operating out of the ISKCON Bhakti Yoga Centre in Tsim Tsa Tsui. The volunteers have been serving meals to underprivileged children and elders in the city a few times a month, however, now with the support of local bankers, they plan to expand the service. The typically serve Chinese-style vegan meals, like vegetables and noodes, spring rolls, rice and puddings. On June 4, FFLHK public relations coordinator, Prashant Joshi organized a volunteer appreciation dinner at the Ernst & Young offices in downtown Hong Kong. Supporters included staff from Deutsche Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Ernst & Young. Mr. Dixit Joshi and Sukrit Khatri, Deutsche Bank also awarded FFLHK the House of Lords Award – service for humanity and the SEWA Pioneering Award. Director of Food for Life Global, Paul Rodney Turner was the guest speaker on the night and he gave an overview of the NGO’s international scope of work, as well as praise the tremendous efforts of all the local volunteers, that included children of the financial supporters. The children were asked to share their experiences and when asked by Paul, “Who would like to start their own Food for Life project,” every one of them raised their hands in excitement. The evening was capped off with a lovely dinner prepared by the FFLHK team headed by Siromani Dasi. To learn more about Food for Life Hong Kong, visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/613391298689884/ PHOTO ALBUM https://www.facebook.com/priyavrata/media_set?set=a.10151537271092732.1073741836.539062731&type=3  

Feeding 1,000 Underprivileged: Food for Life Day in Hong Kong

By Lilamayi Radha das on 25 Oct 2012 On Sunday 7 October, volunteers from Food For Life Hong Kong and Deutsche Bank took part in a global initiative, Sewa Day 2012, which aims to cultivate acts of selfless service for the underprivileged in society. The event was branded as a success by many in the City in Hong Kong, and was the first time such collaboration had taken place in Hong Kong to deliver over 1,000 meals to the underprivileged, primarily the elderly. The vegetarian meals included a wholesome mixed vegetable curry, rice, and boiled greens. Sponsorship for the project was given by Deutsche Bank. One of DB’s Area Head’s, who sponsored this Food for Life project for Sewa Day, in addressing the volunteers, emphasised that ‘This is new age social action that fits the modern lifestyle.’ He remarked that, “People always donate financially to charities and organisations, but are looking for opportunities to give their time. Sewa Day is a great way for people to get together with like-minded volunteers and donate their time.” The founder and organizer of the initiative, Prashant Joshi from Ernst & Young LLP, had been inspired by a similar programme he had run in the UK for the past 2 years with the inaugural Sewa Day in 2010. The goal was to provide a means for those who work in the City to give back through giving their time in such activities. The distribution in the UK had taken place in Watford to the 350 homeless people that reside there in collaboration with homeless charity the New Hope Trust. The volunteers from the City of London cook at the Bhaktivedanta Manor kitchen. The project and partnership continues there. Coming to Hong Kong, Prashant intended to replicate at a minimum what had been set up […]