Food for Life Fiji – responds to Cyclone Evan


After Cyclone Evan pounded the Fiji Islands in December 2012, causing widespread destruction to villages, informal settlements and small island communities, the Food for Life Fiji – Nation Building Education and Community Development program has been offering aid assistance. The charity has focused its efforts on the islands of Yadua, Yaqaqa, Tavea and Galoa, located South West of Vanua Levu, within the administrative province of Bua. From the very beginning, response teams were set up in Lautoka to distribute hot meals to the victims, as well as in the North led by Mr. Yadram and his family from Dreketi (Macuata). The group distributed hot meals to the villagers and neighbouring island villages totalling up to 360 meals per day. On the 10th January, Food for Life Fiji’s National Coordinator, Dr Rajesh Maharaj visited the team in Galoa, taking with him more food supplies including bags of rice, dhal, potatoes, cooking oil and beans that had been donated by business owners in Suva. The organisation was also able to distribute vegetables seedlings, such as Chinese cabbage, okra, watermelon, eggplants, beans and medical supplies. These food supplies are expected to last until the end of January. However, the donated vegetables seeds, which the organisation had helped the villagers to plant should provide for the families until well into March. On the 17th January, the non profit received $1000 worth of vegetable seeds from the ABC foundation, as well 40 school bags from the Shastriji Laxmi Narayan society. As many families prepare for the beginning of the new school term, the children of Galoa are scraping together whatever is left of their past years school books and stationeries that survived the Cyclone. Some children have nothing at all to begin school, as their homes and belongings were completely destroyed by Cyclone Evan. In […]

Fiji Flood victims get help from FFL

Fiji Islands April 5, 2012 Report by Bir Krishna Goswami A major disaster has just hit the Fiji Islands, in the South Pacific. Torrential rains lasting over a week have caused the worst flooding in the history of the nation. Major rivers have over flooded their banks burying towns along with the their business and residential districts. Many people were trapped on their rooftops and had to be rescued by helicopters or boats. People lost their lives in the unexpecteded calamity that occured while they were still sleeping in their beds. Over 25,000 people lost their homes, Approximately 100,000 are without adequate food, water, or clothing. Over 5,000 businesses have lost everything; their stock, their stores, their furniture and will be without any income. The infrastructure (roads,electricity, water supply) is in shambles. Crops are completely damaged. Food is hard to come by and when it is available it is too expensive for most people to afford. Hare Krishna Food for Life, the world’s largest Vegetarian relief organization has mobilized their resources to feed, and clothe tens of thousands of people. So far over 15,000 people are being fed by the volunteers of this organization. Many people are stepping forward to provide foodstuffs for Food for Life to cook hot meals for the homeless, and clothes to replace the clothes that were destroyed by the floods. Food for Life can help more people, but their need more resources in the form of foodstuffs, clothes, bedding, medical supplie school supplies, or money. HOW TO HELP If you are interested in helping the situation by volunteering or providing any of these necessities contact: Dr. Rajesh Maharaj (Food for Life Fiji Coordinator) at: Telephone +679 (country code) 992 6349. Or International Food Life Coordinator BK Goswami at: Tax deductible donations can also be directed to Food for Life […]