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Spotlight on IFRF in Ujjain, India


About ISKCON Ujjain’s Mid Day Meal Program Simply put “We cook meals, deliver love and spread happiness”. Our service of “seva” is to prepare the Mid Day Meal in our center, which is a nutritious and sumptuous meal consisting of dall, chapatti, khichdi, sweet dalia, pulav and vegetables. The meals are then packed and sealed in specially designed stainless steel containers and are transported in dedicated vehicles to the schools where they are served to the children during their lunch hour. The meals preparation starts at 4:00 a.m. with the cutting and cleaning of vegetables and dall. The meals are cooked in several steam-jacketed cauldrons each having a capacity of 300 Kgs. Then a chaunk is prepared in pure ghee/oil with freshly cut tomatoes and spices. This is then added to the cooked dall and vegetables prepared in the cauldrons are transferred into specially designed stainless steel containers that move forward through the conveyor system and then covered with a lid and sealed. We have got a chapatti making machine which is fully automated and produces 10,000 chapattis per hour. The containers are then fitted into cargo vans and transported to the schools. The school coordinator receives the sealed containers of meal which is served to the students during the lunch break. Our project is part of the worldwide network of affiliates of Food for Life Global. The Site We are based in the industrial area of Nagziri. The kitchen is purpose-designed by our engineers and architects for this project: it is an impressive glass and composite panel structure spanning 7500 square feet and has the capacity to deliver 100 000 meals daily. We are committed to making a difference and intend being involved in this mission of feeding children for a long, long time. With your support, bigger facilities will be built to continue the important work of IFRF. The Kitchen The kitchen is fully fitted […]

Happy Cookies Project

Food for Life’s new Happy Cookies project is growing fast! Founded in Slovenia by FFL Global’s European Director, Mukunda Das, the new program now provides cakes, nutritious meals and free vegetarian cookbooks to shelters for women and children in cooperation with the Wave network in over 15 cities. Children receive “Learn to Read” sets by Dr. Edith Best, while the Pizza Effect and Tea Time Cookies projects serve elementary and secondary schools, as well as universities, women’s shelters and homes for the elderly with delicious vegan meals. “Adding to this, we now have a healthy cooking workshop called ‘Happy Chefs’,” explains Mukunda. “Our indiscriminate offering of healthy vegan cookies are a symbol of our unconditional care,” he says. Locations: Paris, Amsterdam, Liege, Geneva, Barcelona, Brussels, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Trieste, Ljubljana, Sri Lanka, Varshana, Durbuy, Govardhan, Johanesburg, Mumbai, New York. How you can help? Become a volunteer today! Donate to Happy Cookies projects at www.happycookies.org Become part of the Food for Life – Social Entrepreneurship project Employ underprivileged people involved in our programs Donate land for growing organic produce Become an advocate Contact: info@happycookies.org